Arcade Fire Linked to Extremist Cult Groups


Arcade Fire - Everything Now

Negative headlines are for losers! Some of these stories about Arcade Fire are just downright mean. SAD! #FAKENEWS

Case in point, accusations from that some members are part of subversive, extremist groups of the global elite whose goal is to infiltrate the highest levels of U.S. Government.   Infowarz | Arcade Fire: indie band linked to extremist groups

The evidence isn’t even that convincing, citing numerology equations, masonic symbols and even “a picture with Jay-Z and Beyoncé—a well-known C.I.A. stooge—and with Vice-President Joe “Illuminati” Biden and other global elites.”

Seriously? What about Black Sabbath? Why don’t you go after them?  #FAKENEWS #SAD

ARcade Fire Joe Biden Jay Z Illuminati


Another story in StereoyumPremature Premature Evaluation of Everything Now” gives a rather not so raving review of the upcoming album, based on only three songs!! Really?? Four Songs?  They go on to predict how the other songs will sound. The same ‘music’ mag also reminisces the good old days of AF, as if the writer was there: “Remember When Arcade Fire were good? #FAKENEWS #BadEars

Everyone knows Arcade Fire were never ‘good’ per se, they’ve always been so far above greatness, there’s no word for it yet.

Here’s another one: “Win Butler’s Secret to a Flawless Six Pack.”    Okay, I believe that one.

BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS …. It really is fake news!

Yep, these talented guys and gals definitely deserve their marketing degrees.  A tangled web of odd, quirky, even bizarre stories that look real can be found (and linked) all over the place.  Fake social media accounts spreading propaganda about their corporatize (Everything Now Corp) among other things, undoubtedly due to signing with Columbia Records.

Interestingly,  unless you’re a diehard AF fan (like myself), you’d wouldn’t even know these stories exist, they’re so subtle. None of that in-your-face hyped up marketing.

If you remember back to The Suburbs days, they teamed with Google Chrome for an HTML5 experimental, interactive multi-media video of ‘We Used to Wait,’ which is still pretty #@* awesome!).  Incorporates google maps and and where you grew up (or whatever address entered), birds and postcards.  That was way back when the internet was not at all what it is now and Google Chrome was just gaining traction.

Check it out –>