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Mar 092010

Backatcha NFL – Who Dat? Inc, Original Trademark Owners, File suit for Trademark Infringement

Who Dat coined and trademarked as Saints battlecry 1983 by two brothers.

They promote and market with advertising, t-shirts, music etc. (the same two with the Who Dat Song featuring Aaron Neville)

NFL & Saints  claim the phrase, give it back to ‘public domain’ after mucho outcry.

Politicians, souvenir shop owners celebrate their public domain victory.

27 years hard work, invesments, etc., down the drain with the leftover champagne … everyone from Coca Cola to Reeebock are making mucho dinero with Who Dat Merchandise.

Who Dat?Inc filed suit against NFL, the Saints, Louisiana Government

Entire sordid story and details —> Courthouse News Service.

I’ll bet U2 & Green Day are relieved they didn’t use Who Dat in their Saints song, eh?

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 March 9, 2010  Posted by on March 9, 2010 TLC in the Morning