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posted 3/31/10

Lee Ann Waterrs, 92ZEW

Rock and Roll History – 37 years ago today (1973),  Pink Floyd’s audio masterpiece Dark Side of the Moon debuted on Billboard sales charts. The masses devoured their unique soundscape delicacies, so much so, Dark Side remained in chart an unprecedented 741 weeks (I’m not a math major, but isn’t that like 14 years?)

Sales leaped again  years later when some stoners discovered the synchronicities of Dark Side and Wizard of Oz (musical interludes, moods, timing, beats, and lyrics coincide with movie scenes).

A little video example (although they missed the most memorable part, as the door opens into the world of color, Money starts.

Personally, I’ve watched it and noticed things that were never mentioned (but failed to notice the common synchronicities, but that’s just me I guess)

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