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Molly the Owl

March 23rd, 2010

I love owls.  Ever since I was a kid at summer camp when a bunch of us took care of a orphaned baby screech owl,  I have been fascinated by these amazing birds.  And being a nightowl myself it’s only natural…right?

I had Baynard Owls live in my yard in South Carolina and was able to gain their trust enough to get within a few feet of them to take pictures of them. Countless mornings here in Mobile when I leave my house to come to work at the Zew, I’ve heard them in my neighborhood.

Face it…Owls are cool.

So when I saw on the news this morning the story of Molly the owl of course I was intrigued.  Molly is an owl in San Marcos, Ca who made a nest in a barn there and the owners decided to share her story with the world…God Bless the internet. They put a web cam in her box and viewers all over the world can watch her progress.  So far she has laid 6 eggs and one has hatched.  Her hosts have named him Max.  Her mate collects food and brings it to her so she can feed the owlet.

Check it out for yourself…Enjoy


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