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Jun 032010


BAY MINETTE, AL, June 3, 2010 – The Baldwin County Commission began implementing its local area contingency plan by providing additional booming protection to Baldwin County’s sensitive environmental areas on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

The Commission’s contractor placed 44,100 total feet of boom (14,500 feet containment, 29,600 feet sorbent) yesterday in the following areas: Weeks Bay, Bon Secour Bay, Bon Secour River, Plash Island, St. Andrews Bay, Wolf Bay and Ono Island.

The contractor will continue throughout the rest of the week, weather permitting, to place the remaining approximate 36,000 feet of boom in the following areas: Bay Minette Creek, Bon Secour, St. Andrews Bay, Arnica Bay, Wolf Bay, Graham Bayou, Mifflin Creek, Sandy Creek, Owens Bayou, Hammock Creek, Soldiers Creek and Palmetto Creek.

The Baldwin County Commission was able to implement this plan with a portion of the $3 million grant it received from the State of Alabama that was part of the $25 million that BP had issued to the state.

Many of the boom placement areas identified in the Baldwin County Commission’s local area contingency plan were areas that were not identified in the Unified Command’s area contingency plan or areas that were sensitive enough to require extra precautionary protection.

To view the Baldwin County Commission’s local area contingency plan visit and click the oil spill information link.

 June 3, 2010  Posted by on June 3, 2010 Blog, Oil Spill