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Aug 042010

A daytime diversion for humpday…. Howz about some Cornified Carney!
Why? I don’t know, I guess Dichotomies speak out to me.

Cornify unicorn and rainbow happiness, one of the whimsicals du jour: ‘cornify’ pics, websites, your net browser.
The fun part? Doodling in the side margins with their rainbow colored thingy that follows the cursor. Plus they provide the codes for your website or blog.
An easter egg when gamer’s konami code is keyed (apparently ESPN used the cornify konami recently, LOL sports and rainbowed unicorns, talk about dichotomies).
Konami code is  ↑↑↓↓←→ b a [enter]

About Carney: a most excellent fresh dose of rock and roll with old school attitudes and stage shows (. They are doing what the love and it shows.

 August 4, 2010  Posted by on August 4, 2010 TLC in the Morning, Zew Blogs