Aug 142010

Job Filled by Judy Smith, congratulations!

92ZEW needs a Paparazzo to get pics of John Mayer for ZEW Photo Album

We provide:

  • 2 Front Row Seats to JM Concert
  • 2 Backstage Passes to meet John Mayer
  • 1 Sony Digital Camera (brand new)
  • Mayer’s Setlist from show, autographed by JM

♫  ♬   ♪ ♫  ♬

This is a ‘FreeLance’ gig, i.e, the job pays no cash and we call you  “Lance”. However, you keep the camera and signed setlist.

To Apply, See Below.

Hope ‘Lance’ does much better than ZEW DJ’s

Ever hear of a Viewfinder?

How in the world we get that?

We think that's John Mayer

✎ Application Window: Aug 16-Aug. 27

Test of timeliness, speed, and observance must be passed first.

☎ Caller 12 on the zewlines (251-433-9236), after the paparazzi point out John Mayer, passes the test and becomes a Finalist (also awarded JM’s latest cd).

⌚ They usually see him during the 5:00 Traffic Jam [guess it's when John finally gets up and out, eh?])

 One finalist will be randomly chosen on August 30, to be the Official 92ZEW Paparazzo of John Mayer.

  3 Responses to “John Mayer Paparazzo Job Filled! Thanks for your Application!”

  1. Huge John Mayer fan a great photographer all in one. Would LOVE to win this contest and make it a GREAT night !!

  2. another reason to love the ZEW <3

  3. Hi,
    What is your contest line phone number?

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