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This Saturday
Nov 102010

A futuristic 4D visual celebration for 10th Anniversary of Online presence by Ralph Lauren, tonight at 9pm in New York City (tell your NY friends). Watch video of similar RL presentation in Brussels.

According to Mashable, a sensational light installation near Lauren’s Madison Ave stores will make buildings look as if they are rotating, bricks falling apart, being smashed through by massive polo players, and vividly large appearances by story tall models walking an invisible runway, products rolling around. To add to the senses, famous Lauren fragrances  will waft through the air (in time with the music and presentation) along with light breezes. Here’s a video from a similar presentation in Brussels (but not as big). Wow is all I gotta say!



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 November 10, 2010  Posted by on November 10, 2010 TLC in the Morning