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Sep 232010

Drive By Trucker Patterson Hood stops in ZEW Lounge

Drive By Trucker Patterson Hood – ZEW Lounge

Interview – history of the band, record business (literally, pressing vinyl quality sound), record labels,

Drive By Trucker Patterson Hood ZEW Lounge

Patterson Hood and 92ZEW's Lee Ann Waterrs

Songs – one song is a sneak ‘earview’ of what’s to come from the Truckers.


Note that some of the best stuff happens when mic is not on.

He arrives with guitar, quiet, purposeful, seems to just want to get it done.
Made him laugh with quip about Carney leaving guitar and how tempted I was to have John Mayer autograph it before sending it back.
Ice Breaker (I’m always a little nervous during these interviews too)
Patterson busted out laughing, ‘God that would be hilarious’
‘Tell John, it’s for a dear friend of ours and get a picture of him playing it too ha ha ha’
So hear’s the interview and performance (he played a brand new song that’s not even recorded yet!)
Things learned when mic was off….
He wrote Sinkhole when leaving Mobile last time, lyrics and music came to him while stuck in traffic on I-10. He pulled over in Baton Rouge to write it all down.
Jason Isbell hasn’t been with the band since ‘Never Gonna Change’.
 September 23, 2010  Posted by on September 23, 2010 TLC in the Morning Blog, ZEW Lounge, ZEW Updates