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Mar 082010

“God bless the UK for giving the world the music that makes all our lives better”

Who ya think said it?

A. Killers’ Brandon Flowers

2. Kid Rock

c. Gene Simmons

IV. Flaming Lips’  Wayne Coyne


Gene Simmons of Kiss!

In recent interview with London’s XFM. He also namechecked some modern prominent bands too. . .

“A thousand years from now they’re going to look back on the 20th Century and what have the countries of the world given us? The United States gave the world atomic weapons. England gave the world music. ‘What a great legend”.

God bless the UK for giving the world the music that makes all our lives better”
Gene Simmons radio interview with XFM as he professed his love of Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Keane

“I like Keane, I like Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand write great songs. What’s missing is stars. I don’t care what they do, who they’re shagging, where they live… they’re not interesting people.

“The most interesting people to me are the Gallagher brothers. The interesting thing about them is they’re drug addicts and alcoholics and they fight with each other. That’s really it”.

 March 8, 2010  Posted by on March 8, 2010 TLC in the Morning Blog