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"In case you didn’t know, Alice Cooper is a lame old man. How lame and old? He plays golf… …and wrote a book about playing golf…" Metalsucks.net

Alice Cooper is shocked & baffled by Plant’s decision to ‘play folk music’.

Plenty of Led Zeppelin fans were surprised that singer Robert Plant didn’t want to reunite with the group for a tour, and Alice Cooper felt the same way.  The shock rocker told the Palm Springs Boxing Examiner that he was baffled when Plant said he was too old to perform the band’s songs.  Cooper wondered, “They are just standing there.  What is so hard?”  He added, “What is Robert Plant out there doing?  Playing folk music!  What is he doing?!”  Read more at Examiner.com.

·        Cooper also stated, “I go out on stage and say ‘turn it up.’  I Never get tired of playing my songs.”

What do you think? Should Plant keep playing heavy metal god & cater to the oldschool fans?

Lee Ann says: “People in glass houses….  need to draw the shades.  Did he miss the Johnny Cash is now rock and roll train? True music fans appreciate an artist who branches out, the Zeppelin tunes sounded kick ass blue grass style.

Maybe he’s like an aging Mom (like me), who just feels foolish trying to wear those college/high school kid clothes again.

Still waiting for a response from Pablo & Gene.

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