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Cybercriminey underground is getting to be big big big business, offering more than just stolen credit card numbers, they use competitive pricing and additional services (I can hear the phone call now “thank you for purchasing our moneyback guaranteed credit card numbers, is there anything else we can do like create a fake online store? Would you like a real ATM machine to go with that? We also rent spam, SMTP’s and VPNs…”) [!–more–]

So according to the report cybercrime is big, big, big business. They buy, sell, rent, create, yada yada yada. Malware strains created to steal bank details increased exponentially. PandaLabs states a few years ago, some 500 new malware strains were created a month.  These days Panda’s anti-malware lab receives an average 63,000 new threats a day.

Here’s a visual for ya (thru PandaLabs’ 15 year history, only 92,000 strains of malware catalogued up till 2003. By 2008 it rose to 14 mill and 60 mill as of last year.)

Yikes! Someone is out to get me! And they want more than just bank info. Here’s an average price list of cybercrime goods & services:

Wow, definitely check the website you’re about to spend money with.  Here’s some other tips offered by Mashable.com to protect yourself:

  • – Sign your credit and debit cards as soon as you receive them.
  • – When paying by card in a brick-and-mortar store, make sure your card is always in view.
  • – Destroy any physical correspondence that includes your name, address, Social Security details or account numbers; and don’t let mail sit in your mailbox for too long.
  • – Save and destroy all your ATM receipts or destroy them.
  • – Clear browsing data, including cookies and temporary files, after making an online purchase.
  • – And of course, never save or write down your passwords, keep your antivirus software up to date and only shop online at trusted sites.
  • And always remember, the Russian and Chinese techies get praised nationwide when they steal oodles of money from an American. (I saw that on 60 Minutes), so they’re doing it for the country too!

PandaLabs original report

Synopsis on Mashable.com

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