May 302011

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See the Wood Brothers live at the Blue Gill, Saturday, April 30! Win Tickets this week 5:00 Traffic Jam on 92ZEW.

Chris Wood’s other project, Medeski Martin & Wood will play Hangout Music Festival too.

Brothers Chris & Oliver Wood are back with their unique style for the new John Medeski produced album Loaded.

Oliver and Chris Wood grew up in Boulder, Colorado. Sons of a Poet and a Microbiologist, they both took up music. Oliver moved to Atlanta and became a southerner. Chris moved to New York City and became a Yankee. Now, after years of musical and geographical separation they have reunited.

While in Atlanta, Oliver soaked up the roots of blues, the soul of the south, and found he had a talent for writing and singing songs. His band, King Johnson (named after Freddy King and Robert Johnson) toured mostly in the southern states. Meanwhile, Chris was living in Manhattan playing everything from free jazz to rock and roll. This is where he met his band mates to form Medeski Martin & Wood.

Now The Wood Brothers have begun a collaboration that combines their shared childhood influences with everything they’ve learned since leaving home. Their music has a rootsy feel that blends blues, folk, and rock music in a guitar/bass duo.

The brothers’ new album, “Loaded” produced by John Medeski, was released on Blue Note Records, April 1, 2008.

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