Aug 162011

92ZEW Presents

Scars on 45


Space 301

Tuesday, Sept. 6

301 Conti St., downtown Mobile

Brit Band Scars on 45 will also be heard on Grey's Anatomy promo spots for season premiere

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  9 Responses to “92ZEW Free Concert – Scars on 45”

  1. Really would love to score a couple of tickets for tonight!!! Great Gumbo Shop!!

    Chad Herndon

  2. 7:30 Laura Warshauer opens…

  3. we’ll be giving some away shortly with interview, possibly open up the register page again, facebook & twitter, etc.

  4. How on earth can I get tickets for this concert? I love them and have not been to a concert in years. Well overdue. Please tell me what I need to do to get 2 tickets ASAP!!! Thanks

  5. What time is the show?

  6. Couple of tickets to Scars on 45 concert would be great. Let me know how to win. Great band!

  7. I work all day.. Is there another way to get a ticket besides winning it?

  8. How can I win tickets to the Scars on 45 concert?


  9. How do you get tickets or make reservations?