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Aug 012011
U2 360 tour Atlanta

Part of "The Claw" U2 360 tour in Atlanta


(See some video below)

U2 wrapped up their recordbreaking 360 Tour in Canada Saturday night, Rolling Stone reports:

On Saturday night, U2 ended their 360 World tour in front of 75,000 fans at a giant field in Moncton, Canada. The two-year tour played to 7.1 million fans and grossed a record-shattering $736,137,344. Despite predictions, a collaboration between U2 and opening act Arcade Fire did not materialize at the final show. U2 did play two songs after “Moment of Surrender,” which is usually the last number of the night — their first single, “Out of Control,” followed by their first performance of their 1983 deep cut “40” on the entire tour. Like they used to do when they ended shows with the track in the 1980s, the Edge and Adam Clayton swapped instruments (and sides of the stage) for the spiritual song. The band walked offstage one-by-one until only Larry Mullen Jr. remained. It brought the tour full cycle since Mullen was the first one to take the stage when the 360 tour kicked off way back in Barcelona in June of 2009.

Jonny Epcat of Carney tweets from the Border “@zanecarney in trouuuuuble"

Meanwhile, Reeve Carney (aka Spiderman) and his Carney bandmates were also invited to open for U2, but it seems they may have run into a little “delay” as Jonny Epcat tweets from the border:


ZEW’s Photos from U2’s Atlanta Show

[nggallery id=11 images=4]





 August 1, 2011  Posted by on August 1, 2011 Blog, Music News, Videos