Aug 282011

Scars on 45 wsg Lisa Warshauer live at Space 301 - Sept 6

92ZEW and Space 301 Present:

Scars on 45 wsg Laura Warshauer Free Show

Due to Space Limitations, we recommend getting a ticket.


Beach Blues & BBQ at the Hangout with 92Blues, Sunday 2-5pm
Beer Bands & Bingo at Tacky Jacks Wednesday night with 92ZEW


Chances to win four-packs of tickets from 6am to 6pm starting Monday.


Random giveaways through twitter (@zewradio) and the ZEW – 92.1 FM facebook fan page, and on

  16 Responses to “Scars on 45 – How to Get Tickets”

  1. Thanks so much for the tickets tonight! The Zew Rocks!!

  2. Show sounds great! Would love tickets for tonight!!!

    Have a great show!

    Chad Herndon

  3. Scars on 45 would be a great show to see

  4. I work out in the gulf on a rig and I’m stuck on the beach for a few, sure could use some tickets.

  5. YOOO help out a poor college kid with a couple free tickets! Support my listening

  6. I tried the reservation page yesterday… and it appeared to go through, but then I didnt get a confirmation email. I tried again today and it gave an error message. Is it not working properly? How do I know if the reservation actually went through? =/

  7. Is there still a way to get tickets?

  8. Calling every morning to win tickets but so far no luck! Love the Zew and would really love 2 tickets to Scars on 45- will you guys be giving tickets at Brown Bag Friday or during Marc’s show Saturday? Many thanks for filling my days with great music!

  9. Love Scars on 45!!

  10. How do you get tickets for scars on 45??

  11. Would really, really love to get tickets for Scars on 45! <3

  12. Lee Ann, How do you get Scars on 45 Tickets?

  13. I would love to win tickets to Scars on 45 and Lisa Warshauer show!

  14. Hello 92 ZEW!!!!!!

    I would love to win tickets to the Scars on 45 concert. I’m sending this email to hopefully have a chance at winning a ticket.

    Love the ZEW….wishing you all a GREAT DAY!

    Take care, Michele

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