Aug 022011

My Morning JacketHangout Festival artist My Morning Jacket debuted the new video today for “Holding on to Black Metal”.

They uploaded it first through the new Google+ Hangout, but to not much fanfare since they used their individual accounts (Carl Broemel guitarist and Tom Blankenship bassist) and there still aren’t a lot of G+ users. However, they did finally get around to putting it on youtube, facebook etc.  Watch it here.


[jwplayer config="plexi" mediaid="11812"]

 August 2, 2011  Posted by  Music News, Videos, Zew News


  1. metermax says:

    This is an awesome song. I heard it on zew today 9-6-11 on the drive home.
    I was scrambling to see who this was.

    So much music in it, it rocks!