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Sep 122011


On Monday, Anderson Cooper sat down with Amy Winehouse’s family, as well as her boyfriend, Reg Traviss, for a touching interview about the fallen singer on his new talk show, Anderson.  Here are some of the highlights.

·        Mother Janis Winehouse revealed that she had lunch with Amy the day before she died and didn’t notice anything wrong with her.

·        Reg spoke about feeling lost after finding that Amy had passed away.

·        Anderson discussed how he felt after learning his brother committed suicide, comparing it to how Reg must have felt when he learned about Amy.

·        Amy’s father, Mitch, really thought that they were “out of the woods” when it came to Amy’s alcohol abuse, and that she was going to conquer it.

·        Mitch also said that when Amy wasn’t drinking or on drugs, she was “on top if the world,” and that she hadn’t been on drugs for the “last two or three years.”

·        Mitch said that he thinks Amy died of a seizure suffered while detoxing.

·        He also said that he was in Manhattan when he heard about Amy’s passing, and that it was her security guard who broke the news to him.

·        He revealed that a black butterfly appeared at Amy’s funeral while he was giving her eulogy.

·        Mitch and Janis also spoke a bit about the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which is going live tomorrow (9/14), on what would have been her 28th birthday.

·        There were also some interviews with fans of Amy who were in the audience.

 September 12, 2011  Posted by on September 12, 2011 Music News