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Nov 232011

Hangout Restaurant Gulf ShoresLast week the $159 early-bird Hangout Fest 2012 tickets sold out quickly. This week, it’s for the locals. Chances to get Hangout Festival 2012 weekend passes for $50 a piece.   Holy Awesome Black Friday Deals Batman! 

The Hangout will release 450 tickets to be sold for one day in one place.  So bring the family to ‘Hangout’ at the beach Friday, where there’s a big party with live music, fun, games, f0od, drink specials and perhaps most importantly, chances to get a Hangout Festival 2012 Ticket for $50.  Heck, with the major stores opening at Midnight, you can get your shopping done AND reward yourself with quality beachtime at the Hangout!

Here’s how it will work. Starting at noon on Friday,  patron will be given a number that’s entered in a raffle. Throughout the day numbers will be randomly drawn and called out.  When your number is called, boo shakalaka! you’re hanging out for $50! You can get other chances for a $50 ticket by playing some random games, contests and trivia too. Organizers say they feel it is “the most equitable way to ensure everyone has a chance to purchase the $50 ticket and have fun while doing so.”

The raffle is open to guests of all ages; each ticket drawn is for one $50 ticket.

Personally, I’d forego all the pushing, shoving, wrangling for cheap sweaters & electronics for a day on the beach.

# # #

The Hangout is back and better than ever. We offer a great

menu of food and drinks. This is the place to let loose, laugh with family and friends, and above all, let the good times roll. Make memories every time you visit.


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 November 23, 2011  Posted by on November 23, 2011 Blog, Hangout Music Festival 2012, Hangout Radio, Music News