Jan 052012

Ani Difranco 'Which Side Are You On?'

Righteous Babe, Ani DiFranco, put the finishing touches on her new musical creation, ‘Which Side Are You On’ which arrives in stores January 23.

Lyrically it delves into Ani’s thoughts about modern society, quite poetically.  Special appearance by legendary folky Pete Seger on the title track, a sing-along type song heavily influenced by Ani’s New Orleans residency. NOLA musical icons Ivan & Cyril Neville also guest on the tune  ’J’.
Listen to the tracks, let us know what you think. More songs to be uploaded soon.



Ani’s Website

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  1. joepbama says:

    i really y like ani, but have some trouble w/lyrics. leeann, what side is she on? ours i hope. meanwhile, can you play the killers, all the things that i have have done? in love that song…joe