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Oct 172012

Coming soon their live performances in the ZEW Lounge.

Another great night of free live music kicked off with blimey brit blues dude Martin Harley with a Weissenborn guitar (don’t see many of those around do ya). Shared a few songs including one inspired by his stay in Australia. To make his way he was a pancake flipper for a dayjob. And even in the outback you can run into some famous, like this big bulky homeless looking man that came in his restaurant looking for a room. Turned out to be Ricky Williams (who played for the Saints and the Dolphins)!

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Meiko had some great new tunes including the one she wrote when she kicked her loser boyfriend out. She wrote while he packed and moved and what a great song (‘you might be good-lookin’ but you’re still a loser’). Love her cheekiness.

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And the band from the ‘pubs and clubs of Leeds, England’ the Dunwells wrapped things up with bundles of energy. Great harmonies and accapella performances with plenty of upbeat lyrics.

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