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Aug 282012

Mobile County Shelter Opening Information:

The American Red Cross along with Partners, DHR, Mobile County Health Dept., and the Mobile County Public Schools will open the following Shelters:

At 6:00 pm Monday evening:

– Theodore High School
– Cranford Burns (Medical Needs Shelter)

Medical Needs Shelter citizens must bring supplies to last for 72 Hours.
– Bring Food, Clothing, Medication, and oxygen if needed.
– A Care Giver MUST come to the Medical Needs Shelter and stay with the patient.

The Following Shelters will open at 8:00 am on the Tuesday Morning:

– Semmes Middle School
– The Pet Shelter located at the SPCA at 620 Zeigler Circle West Mobile, Alabama 36608 Phone: (251) 633-3531

See the following information regarding the pet shelter procedures and operations:
– Bring crates or carriers, food, medicine, toys and whatever your pet needs.
– Only bring your pet if you are going to a Local Mass Care shelter.
– Pets will not be accepted unless the owners are going to local shelter.
– The Pet shelter closes shortly after the people shelter closes.
– All pets left after 24 hours of the storm will go to the vet clinic and owner will pay for the boarding of pet.

Citizens need to follow the local media to get information on any further Shelter Openings as they are opened and become available.

Citizens who require a ride to a local shelter:

– If you are in the service of the Wave Transit use a transit bus from your regular stops and let the Wave Driver know that you need to go to a Shelter. The Wave will transfer you to a bus that will take you to the Local Shelter.

– If you need special assistance or a ride with a lift call the Wave at
(251) 460-8023, you will also need to bring a care giver with you during transportation to the shelter.

– If you are outside of the Wave Transit Area call the following number
(251) 460-8050 for a ride that will be provided by a Mobile County Public School Buses to a Local Shelter

Mobile county is currently under a Hurricane Warning, a Hurricane Warning means that hurricane conditions are expected somewhere within the warning area. A warning is typically issued 36 hours before the anticipated first occurrence of tropical storm force winds…conditions that make outside preparations difficult or dangerous. Preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion.

Governor Bentley has issued a State of Emergency and a Mandatory Evacuation for Zones 1 and 2 of Mobile County.

Citizens are advised to evacuate from coastal, low lying, and flood prone areas to higher ground and a safer area. Also citizens in sub-standard or manufactured housing should evacuate to a safer structure and out of any flood prone areas.

Now is the time to make those final preparations and get food and water, medications, and any other items that you will need for the storm landfall and the immediate time after the landfall. Now is also the time to make your evacuation decision and decide where you will go to get your family out of harm’s way.

TS Storm Isaac has a high probability of uncertainty in regards to storm strength and the final landfall location. Citizens need to monitor the situation and maintain situational awareness as this storm continues to move towards the gulf coast.


shelter from hurricane isaac

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 August 28, 2012  Posted by on August 28, 2012 News, ZEW Updates