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Jun 182013
Warren Haynes with Lee Ann at Bonnaroo

Warren Haynes with Lee Ann at Bonnaroo backstage

Warren Haynes had another phenomenal Gov’t Mule mile onstage at Bonnaroo, but this time he had to leave right after. Sorry Roo fans, no Warren sit-ins. Haynes told us backstage he’s releasing a new record in the fall and running away with the symphony.

“A lot of what I wind up doing at Bonnaroo is just running into friends who say, ‘Why don’t you come up and join us for a song?'” USA Today

The virtuoso axeman was leaving for rehearsals prior to the launch of a special series of Jerry Garcia Symphonic tribute shows with several different city orchestras. Tonight is the first round with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Haynes said it took about four months for he and four other arrangers to re-work the music notations for a 60-piece band. Each show will definitely be different, especially since they’re leaving room for orchestra players to improvise, something not typically done in symphonies. He’s bringing along for the rhythm section Jeff Sipe, Lincoln Schleifere, and Alecia Chakour for backing vocals. So far 17 cities are scheduled including Philadelphia.

Also in Haynes Haps, look for a new double length cd to arrive in September. He says disc one is all original new material and disc two contains covers of the new songs recorded by some of his musical celebrity friends. He’s mum right now and won’t name names. So since football season is done, there’s an idea for the office pool.


/Lee Ann

**stay tuned, some audio/video coming soon.


warren haynes backstage bonnaroo

warren haynes backstage bonnaroo

Matt Abts - gov't mule haybale studio at Bonnaroo

Matt Abts – gov’t mule haybale studio att Bonnaroo

 June 18, 2013  Posted by on June 18, 2013 Blog, Bonnaroo, Music News, TLC in the Morning Blog Posts