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Nov 222013
DNC releasing Volume 4 in their EP series, Songs for the Turntable’, in January. Meanwhile, the band jammed with R.E.M. recently and have a TV show in the works.
Drivin n Cryin

Georgia’s Drivin n Cryin to release new EP

“I don’t have the patience anymore for a two-year recording project, a big build-up, a tour and then reality again,” says Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ frontman Kevn Kinney. So the idea occurred to Kinney a couple of years ago: quit recording full-length albums. His band, together since 1985 and commended in 2011 by the Georgia General Assembly in an official house resolution, had taken 12 years off before issuing a full CD in 2009, but that was to be the last such release. “Most people that listen to records don’t usually listen past five or six songs,” Kinney figured, “so I’m going to make a record with only five or six songs on it.”

And so began a series of EPs—three so far since June 2012—with Songs For The Turntable soon to be number four. Recorded in Nashville and Memphis, Songs For The Turntable includes “Turn,” a prototypical DNC rocker that opens with a brief acoustic intro before giving way to a straight-ahead Replacements/mid-career Heartbreakers feel.

On a side note, Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ is working on a “super-secret TV project” for the FX Network that will air in early 2014.  The band recently played the 40 Watt Club in Athens where R.E.M.’s Peter Buck’s new project opening. And then, and then, an R.E.M. reunion broke out  (sans Michael Stipe).   Full Story





 November 22, 2013  Posted by on November 22, 2013 Blog, Music News, TLC in the Morning Blog Posts