Jan 292014

ice-snow-jan-29-14Mobile Police barricading intersections and streets due to extremely treacherous conditions, including I-10 at I-65 interchange, Eastbound Wallace Tunnel and Westbound Bankhead Tunnel.
Once again, do not venture out in a vehicle. If you come across barricaded area, do not go through under any circumstances advises the Police Dept.
- Schillinger Road between Cottage Hill and Three Notch Roads

- Museum Drive and Spring Hill Avenue, both at John D. New Road

- Ziegler Road at Forest Hill Drive

- Azalea Road at Cottage Hill, Michael Boulevard and Village Green Drive

- Spring Hill Avenue at Tuthill Lane

- Snow Road at Tanner Williams Road

- Shelby Street at Center Street

- University Boulevard at Airport Boulevard

- Cottage Hill Road between University Boulevard and Knollwood Drive

- Sollie Road between Oxford and Three Notch Road

- Old Shell Road at University Boulevard

- Nevius Road at Hillcrest Road as well as Bush Lane

- Highway 90 at Landsdowne

The following are complete road closures which are not passable at this time:

- Hillcrest Road

- Cochrane Bridge

- Hope Bridge

- I-10 at 1-65 interchange

- Eastbound Wallace Tunnel

- Westbound Bankhead Tunnel

- Ziegler Boulevard at Forest Hill Drive

- Moffett Road at Forest Hill Drive

- Old Shell Road at I-65

- Cottage Hill at Knollwood Drive

- Cottage Hill at University Boulevard

- Girby Road at Lloyds Lane as well as Medical Park

- Southbound University Boulevard at Grelot Road

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