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Feb 142014



Hi, geekish manchild Pablo back with more ramblings about serious, weighty important topi….nah, just me spitballin ’bout movies, music and such…and for the record, I receive no money to post about these things…they’re just what interest ME….

So,  Captain America returns April 4th in Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER….but does the world care?  CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER came out in July 2011 and mustered up 176 million bucks. Good, but chump change when compared to the 300+ million of all the Spider-Man and Iron Man flicks, and certainly no AVENGERS, which made over 600 million. So, CA:TFA was no AVENGERS, but it wasn’t HOWARD THE DUCK either.

Why is this? There are too many variables to ever know for sure, but the character of Captain America is the oldest Marvel superhero, so you’d THINK that might help. But did it actually hurt the movies chances?  Let’s face it, a character that is the epitome of American WWII propaganda MIGHT not be much of a draw for worldwide audiences who dislike recent and current American actions or policies or those predisposed to dislike things overtly “Merica!”.  If this is what kept you away from the first film, please take a chance to rectify that.  Those who expect a cheesy, propaganda style Cap may be surprised to find an authority questioning, strong willed Captain America and the new flick seems to indicate this will be emphasized even more in CA:TWS.  It was touched on for comedic effect well in CA:TFA, but looks like “stuff gets real” in the new movie.

The trailer shows a Cap who is questioning everything S.H.I.E.L.D (the government) is doing, and why.  An almost rebellious Cap, and his eventually truly becoming the leader of men he’s always been in the comic books.  So, I hope people who passed on the awesomeness of CA;TFA will give this one a shot and see that the Steve Rogers character is way more than a mere government mouthpiece and stooge, he’s a guy who stands for what America SHOULD BE: freedom…freedom to be who you are, freedom to do what you do, and freedom to question the status quo and, if necessary, break the mold and fix it if someone is getting shafted.  Cap is the ideal of what America CAN be, not what we have been or currently are.  I hope the movie really goes for broke and shows THAT Cap.  I’ll salute that and I think they’ll win more worldwide Cap fans in the process.

Plus, Scarlett Johansson.  AND….Scarlett Johansson.  Also,  SCARLETT JOHANSSON.  Ahem.

 February 14, 2014  Posted by on February 14, 2014 Pablo