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Oct. 2, 3, 4 - Downtown Mobile

Grayson Capps - Kristy Lee - Eric Erdman - Jamell Richardson -

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May 132014

The Mobile band orchestrated themselves onto the Hangout Festival lineup with 92ZEW’s Reach for the Beach Challenge.  Look for the band Friday at the BMI stage around 4:00.  See their Hangout Page here.

reach-winner-300More than 60 submissions were received and reviewed for the 92ZEW Hangout Reach for the Beach challenge, wherein one local/regional artist would ultimately get to play Hangout Festival 2014.  The playing field was narrowed down to the six best independent regional artists as chosen by judges’ average ratings. The panel included 92ZEW staffers Gene Murrell, Pablo, and TLC; Michele Stancil, music photographer, Southern;  Lawrence Specker, entertainment editor; and Missy Zak of Hangout Festival & Meyer Vacation Rentals.

The final six were:  Kaboom (D’Iberville MS), The Volks (Mobile), Underhill Family Orchestra (Mobile), Joel Madison Blount (Birmingham), Festival Expressions (Birmingham) and The Mulligan Brothers (Mobile).

The next stage was performing for judges and audience votes to land the gig. Each of the six opened up for one of the Countdown to Hangout Festival free concerts.

All bands put on most excellent performances, even in the rain. They could rival many signed touring artists. Maybe more industry folks will lend ears in these parts, eh?

Ultimately, Underhill Family Orchestra’s quirky plugged-in and amped-up Americana got the pick-up, a tough decision for the judges. Even the fan votes weretooclosetocall.

When they heard they news, Underhill said “we’re awake”.  Later they said they were very thrilled and excited to be chosen.

It should be noted that all bands rallied around each other, offering sincere congratulations to UFO.


Look for the locals at Hangout Festival Friday 4pm on the BMI stage.

Here’s some pics shared by Stephanie Drake from their show at the Hangout.  See the rest Here.