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okgo-treadmillsThe Titans of Treadmills, OK Go, are back at it, this time with optical illusionistic new video.

OK Go’s been known to make some outrageously compelling and innovative music videos to their songs, and the video for the brand new song, “The Writing’s on the Wall,” is no exception.  The visual is all about optical illusions.
According to Rolling Stone, the video took three weeks to assemble and 50 takes to get right. It uses mirrors, paint and camera angles to continually trick your eyes. The confusion is meant to symbolize the lyrics, which describe miscommunication in a relationship that’s falling apart.okgo-writing

Stylistically reminiscent of New Order/Joy Division.

The new album, Hungry Ghosts, is out in October.   More info at OKGo.net

If you’ve never seen the treadmills or rube goldberg videos, scroll down to watch

Check out OK Go’s youtube channel for plenty of eye/ear candy.
Here’s the video that made them into music video stars

The witty and brainy outfit came out with this mathematically brilliant Rube Goldberg inspired video a few years later. The timing of the numerous ‘machines’ is impeccable.  At the inaugural Hangout Music Festival, frontman Damian Kulash told us this video was done in one take.  While the final version does have a splice, it’s only because they wanted to incorporate another part of a different take (unfortunately, that’s all he told us as a torrential rain storm distracted us and we were evacuating the grounds when he arrived, lol). Nevertheless, check it out.
Who doesn’t like Rube Goldberg machines?


Fan video filmed at Hangout Festival 2010


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