Sep 072014
Who else can get you in to the coolest shows in South Alabama? Including Hangout Festival.

ticket-wtfay-2015Radio station 92ZEW is giving its true music loving fans a chance to win what every music lover wants, tickets to the best shows for free, for a year! The gift that keeps on giving.

There will be several ways to qualify, especially if you have the 92ZEW App for Android or iPhone.  So go get it already!

We’ll also be out and about getting peeps qualified at some ZEW Events, like this month’s 2nd 2sday at Lap’s Grocery & Grill.

92ZEW app, you can talk backzew-app-activityapp-songlist92ZEW app, where you can talk back

Click for bigger size to scan code for Android App Scan the QR code to get app, click for bigger size

Chances to qualify with 92ZEW Free App for Android, iPhone too.  Here’s how:

First, connect the app with one of your accounts; facebook, twitter, etc.  You cannot qualify with the initial randomly chosen ‘User_xxx’ username.

Second, subscribe to ‘Win Tickets for a Year’  list.  Find in the ‘Settings’ Menu of the app. When it’s time to qualify, a message will appear in device’s notification bar (where you see the new email, text msg type notices). Follow the instructions to get qualified and cross your fingers that you’re put in the running.

Subscribing to the ZEW Newsletter is not the same as subscribing to the ‘win tickets for a year.’

That’s it, now go play with all the other fun features of the app, like rating the tunes, getting artist info and videos, sharing stories and pics with other ZEW fans, while you wait for the next notice for a chance to win concert tickets for a year!!

Need more info? Click here for all the nuts and bolts to this game.

Giving Away Tickets to the Best Shows in South Alabama, Something only The ZEW Can Do.




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