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Jan 172014


So, the lineup is out…tickets are on sale…and the question has been asked: who the heck is that band? Most of us know The Black Keys, Outkast, The Killer, Jack Johnson and the other big name bands.  But some of the other bands on the lineup might not be so well known.  It’s one of the best parts of Hangout Fest every year IMHO…finding bands you didn’t know of and getting to dig into their catalog of tunes.  So, here’s a little appetizer/primer of some of the bands I’m most looking forward to seeing on the undercard to get you ready to dance like a lunatic in the sand May 16th-18th for Hangout Fest 2014. 


Thanks to Ernie, our sound guy for 2nd 2sday shows, for hipping me to this band awhile back.  Ernie knows his stuff!  If this tune doesn’t get your butt shakin’, you simply do not have a butt.  Seek medical help.


If you missed Allen in Mobile last year, you missed a LOT!  He’s simply a must-see artist.


This is my first Andrew W.K. song I ever heard.   Still my favorite.   Dude is a mad genius that makes other mad genius candidates bow in submission to the master.


Do you even make hits bro?   Why yes….yes you do….


Attention wannabe rockstars: THIS is how you pay your dues like a pro.  I intentionally avoided live performance videos as it’s hard to find THE video to showcase bands to others as different people dig different types of video styles and performances can vary, but this one had to be included.  In the Atlanta rain, Reignwolf still brings it.


This song features Andre’ 3000 of Outkast which begs the question….will we get lucky enough to get this version at Hangout?  This is also the song that will make Capital Cities famous if it gets pushed as a single IMHO.  It’s good sh….well, you’ll see.



 January 17, 2014  Posted by on January 17, 2014 Pablo