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Feb 132015

Austin Hargrave for BillboardImagine Dragons are one of the biggest rock bands on the planet, but frontman Dan Reynolds tells Billboard in a cover story that he and his band mates live an “atypical” life for a group of their stature.

“We’re not tatted-up, trying to make a statement,” he says. “The spirit of rock’n’roll is not that you’re living on the edge, that you’re a cokehead — those are just lifestyle choices.”

Even with the success of Imagine Dragons, however, Reynolds admits that he’s been “depressed as hell” and that he sees a therapist.

“It’s lonely when your life changes like this,” he says. “I’ve lost all my friends. It’s not like we had some blowout arguments or that I feel I’m too cool — the relationships feel false. Anytime I’m talking to someone, I feel they’re just thinking about Imagine Dragons.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Reynolds addresses the flack his band caught following an $8 million Target commercial featuring Imagine Dragons playing their single “Shots” in its entirety. The commercial aired during last Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

“It never feels like an artistic compromise as long as it’s about spreading the music,” Reynolds says.

The Imagine Dragons issue of Billboard will hit newsstands Monday, February 16. The band’s much-anticipated sophomore album, Smoke + Mirrors, will be released the next day, February 17.

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 February 13, 2015  Posted by on February 13, 2015 Music News