Anderson East press pic by atlantic records

92ZEW Free Concert

Maia Sharp

Anderson East

Sun. Aug 30
Soul Kitchen
Won the Trip to Boston w/ Hotel, Air, & Tickets to:

Death Cab for Cutie

Portland, Maine

English Beat

Saint Motel


Scars on 45

in Boston, Mass

Congratulations Kenny A!!!

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Brownbag in Bienville Returns for 30th Year in a Row

Brownbag in Bienville Returns for 30th Year in a Row

This fall marks the 30th Anniversary of the lunch-time Brown Bag Concert Series.

New Music Heard on 92ZEW Week of Aug. 17, 2015

The top new tunes spinning on 92ZEW include Arcs, Borns, Dawes, Pilots, Shakes, Sons, Ambassadors, a Beck…. Rate the songs with the free 92ZEW app for Android and iPhone.