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Sep 222014
92ZEW’s got the hook-up for free concerts.
2une in for your chance to win one of several pairs of tix we’re giving away this week:


winticketsWidespread Panic show in Biloxi, Oct. 14 – TLC in the Morning
92ZEW Birthday Bash w/ Will & the Bushmen, Willie Sugarcapps… – TLC in the Morning
(tix on sale Friday)

Mobile’s Fashion Week (winners qualify for VIP) – Gumbo Shop with Pablo

Tickets to Bayfest (winners qualify to go sidestage with Trombone Shorty) + $25 GC to the RiverShack – 330 Theme Park with Gene Murrell, Radio God

Tickets to see The Wailers at O’Daly’s – 5:00 Traffic Jam w/Gene Murrell, Radio God

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Sep 222014

Website   –  Facebook  -  Twitter  -  Instagram

Danny Bemrose (vocals/guitar) – Aimee Driver (vocals)
David “Nova” Nowakowski (keyboards)
Stuart Nichols (bass) – Chris Durling (drums)

scars-on-45-free-show-2014Making music was the furthest thing from Scars on 45 frontman/songwriter Danny Bemrose’s mind until the professional soccer player for England’s Huddersfield Town F.C. broke his foot at 21 and his world came crashing down. “I was in limbo, without knowing what to do with myself,” he says. It wasn’t the first time that fate would intervene in the band’s formation.

Danny put down the soccer ball and picked up for his father’s guitar. “I’m quite an obsessive person. I became kind of addicted,” he says. “I used to lock myself away to write songs and record on four-track recorder.”

Those early “recordings” eventually led to the creation of Scars on 45, a quintet from Bradford, England, that combines the gentle melodic intensity of Snow Patrol or Keane with the added allure of co-ed vocals, provided by Danny and fellow lead vocalist Aimee Driver. The self-produced “GIVE ME SOMETHING” EP is Scars on 45′s first proper release and serves as an introduction to the band in advance of their forthcoming full length.

Throughout the four-track collection, Danny and Aimee’s voices weave around each other’s, creating not only beautiful harmonies but an added emotional dynamic to the storytelling found in the songs. Opening with the lilting, yet melancholic title track, the pair search for some sign–any sign–that there’s a reason to believe in a lasting love. “Everyone’s been in that situation of wanting someone and it not being reciprocated,” Danny says. “It just rules your entire life.”

Other highlights on the “GIVE ME SOMETHING” EP include the propulsive “Loudest Alarm,” a b-side from the album recording sessions, as well as a gentle, acoustic rendition of “Don’t Say,” another track that the band had originally recorded for the album (and perform live) in a grander, more fully orchestrated form. The melodic chorus of “The Way That We Are” is both fresh and at once comfortably familiar.

Taking their name from an Emmylou Harris radio interview Danny had heard, Scars on 45 initially began as a trio made up of Bemrose, his football buddy/bassist Stuart Nichols, and keyboardist David “Nova” Nowakowski, with other members coming and going. Having no public performing experience, Amy was a friend of Nova’s who originally came in to lay down some female vocal tracks for one of Danny’s compositions. Her voice would become an integral element in the band’s sound.

Then began a series of joys, heartbreaks and near misses. The band, now expanded to a quintet with the addition of Chris on drums, placed songs on A&E’s since-cancelled series, “The Cleaner,” and came close to signing a record deal only to see it fall apart at the last moment. Then came the moment they had been waiting for: “CSI: New York” selected the group’s song, “Beauty’s Running Wild,” for an extended closing scene. The music caught the attention of noted music supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas, who signed the band to her Atlantic Records-distributed label, Chop Shop Records.

Although enjoyable, the studio is “the work part,” Danny says whereas the real fun comes in playing live. “Just to be able to put yourself out there and let people know who you are is wonderful,” he continues. “What I write about is who I am really. When people listen and react to one of your songs, there’s no better feeling.”




HomeScars on 45 - Bio92ZEW Free Concerts ALO & Scars on 45 - 92ZEW Free Concerts

ALO & Scars on 45 - 92ZEW Free Concerts

Zach Gill, ALO - ZEW Free Concert
Zach Gill, ALO - ZEW Countdown to Hangout Fest 2012 Free Concerts
ALO - ZEW Countdown to Hangout Fest 2012 Free Concerts
ALO - ZEW Countdown to Hangout Fest 2012 Free Concerts
Steve Adams, Zach Gill, ALO - ZEW Countdown to Hangout Fest 2012 Free Concerts
ALO - ZEW Countdown to Hangout Fest 2012 Free Concerts
ALO - ZEW Countdown to Hangout Fest 2012 Free Concerts
Dan 'Lebo' Lebowitz, ALO - ZEW Countdown to Hangout Fest 2012 Free Concerts
ALO - ZEW Countdown to Hangout Fest 2012 Free Concerts
Dan Lebowitz, ALO - ZEW Countdown to Hangout Fest 2012 Free Concerts
Steve Adams, ALO - ZEW Free Concert Series
Animal Liberation O
ALO - ZEW Countdown to Hangout Fest 2012 Free Concerts
Countdown to Hangout Fest free concert series at the Hangout
Scars selfie at their show in Anaheim

Scars selfie at their show in Anaheim

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Sep 162014
2une in to win tickets to the best shows in town.
This week (9/15-19):
The Revivalists at Hangout Festival 2013 (pic by JamsPlus.com)

The Revivalists at Hangout Festival 2013 (pic by JamsPlus.com)

92ZEW Presents The Revivalists with Maggie Koerner,

O’Daly’s Irish Pub downtown Friday night.

Win tix with TLC in the Morning

Shrek the Musical

(starring Gene Murrell as Shrek!!)

Chickasaw Community Theater

Win tix with Gene in the 5:00 Traffic Jam


3:30 Theme Park

$25 giftcard to the River Shack, beneath Dog River Bridge and new CD from Robert Plant

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Sep 162014




Since forming in 2007, The Revivalists have earned their standing among the best original bands in New Orleans. The group’s combination of danceable rock and soulful songwriting (and brilliantivity) comes to life through a meticulously crafted and ever-evolving live performance. The band has been instrumental in the growth of New Orleans’ burgeoning indie rock scene, and they have achieved success and notoriety in the city’s competitive musical landscape.

The Revivalists backstage Hangout Festival with 92ZEW winners

The Revivalists backstage Hangout Festival with 92ZEW winners

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Sep 102014

Haven Animal Rescue announced its resale shop will have a big fundraising yard sale October 18 and challenges Fairhope residents to make a donation of items for the yard sale.

haven_catdog_logoFairhope, AL – The public is invited to shop for a good cause at The Haven Resale Shop’s upcoming Fall yard sale on Saturday, October 18, from 8am to 1pm. Located next to the newly renovated Fairhoper’s Park in downtown Fairhope, the shop is now accepting donations for this upcoming yard sale through October 14. With the holidays fast approaching, this upscale shop will surely have something for those looking for a bargain.

With a financial goal of $3500, Manager Heather Delker is ramping up the excitement by making a challenge to everyone in the Fairhope community to make a donation for that yard sale. “I challenge everyone to make a small donation. Grab a shopping bag, look around one room in your house, and find five items that you no longer use,” said Delker. “Put those things in the bag, put the bag in your vehicle and, the next time you are downtown, drop the bag off at the Resale Shop, 357 Morphy Avenue.” She adds that if you drop it off during their hours of Tuesday thru Friday, 10am to 4pm, you will receive a receipt for your taxes. “Challenge your friends, your children, your parents, your neighbors to do the same,” she added.

Because The Haven Resale Shop is small, they don’t accept clothing, large items such as refrigerators, nor electronics, such as TVs, computers and printers. In addition, to help those who must sort thru all the items prior to the yard sale, donors are asked to bring items that are seasonally appropriate, clean and in working, sellable condition. Furniture will be accepted if you can bring it to the shop.haven-pics

The public can also visit The Haven’s website at www.havenforanimals.org, as well as The Haven and The Haven Resale Shop’s Facebook pages for more ways to help and a more complete listing of what the shop sells and accepts. If you have any questions, call the shop at 251-929-1911. “We are grateful to the community for their generosity of donations and for the time the volunteers donate to keep the shop open,” says Mike Graham, the Haven’s Executive Director. “Funds generated from this event provide support for our life-saving adoption and foster programs.”

Unique items are available at The Haven’s Resale Shop

About The Haven Adoption Guarantee Animal Shelter
The Haven rescues, re-habilitates, and re-homes over 900 animals each year serving Baldwin County since 2000. The non-profit animal shelter is responsible for leading the four municipal animal control shelters into creating a no-kill society for companion pets, caring for over 70 homeless cats and dogs at the shelter on any given day, and finding loving homes for these homeless, injured, neglected and abused and abandoned animals. All animals are vaccinated, evaluated both behaviorally and medically, fed, watered and marketed until they find their forever home.

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Sep 072014
Who else can get you in to the coolest shows in South Alabama? Including Hangout Festival.

ticket-wtfay-2015Radio station 92ZEW is giving its true music loving fans a chance to win what every music lover wants, tickets to the best shows for free, for a year! The gift that keeps on giving.

There will be several ways to qualify, especially if you have the 92ZEW App for Android or iPhone.  So go get it already!

We’ll also be out and about getting peeps qualified at some ZEW Events, like this month’s 2nd 2sday at Lap’s Grocery & Grill.

92ZEW app, you can talk backzew-app-activityapp-songlist


Chances to qualify with 92ZEW Free App for Android, iPhone too.  Here’s how:

First, connect the app with one of your accounts; facebook, twitter, etc.  You cannot qualify with the initial randomly chosen ‘User_xxx’ username.

Second, subscribe to ‘Win Tickets for a Year’  list.  Find in the ‘Settings’ Menu of the app. When it’s time to qualify, a message will appear in device’s notification bar (where you see the new email, text msg type notices). Follow the instructions to get qualified and cross your fingers that you’re put in the running.

Subscribing to the ZEW Newsletter is not the same as subscribing to the ‘win tickets for a year.’

That’s it, now go play with all the other fun features of the app, like rating the tunes, getting artist info and videos, sharing stories and pics with other ZEW fans, while you wait for the next notice for a chance to win concert tickets for a year!!

Click for bigger size to scan code for Android App Need more info? Click here for all the nuts and bolts to this game.

Giving Away Tickets to the Best Shows in South Alabama, Something only The ZEW Can Do.Scan the QR code to get app, click for bigger size




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Sep 022014
Like a Modern-Era Wanda Jackson

92ZEW Free Concert with Nikki Lane Friday, Sept. 12 at The Hangout, Gulf Shores. 

Nikki Lane

Nikki Lane (pic by Iamsoundrecords.com)

Nikki Lane turns the vulnerable singer-songwriter stereotype on its ear, crafting songs that crucify ex-boyfriends and have no problem with one-night stands as long as she can bolt town right after. Her cooing-yet-brutal vocals are a perfect fit with an aching, mournful guitar. Her upcoming album, tentatively titled Seein’ Double—produced by, yes, Dan Auerbach—is one of Nashville’s most anticipated releases. “My songs always paint a pretty clear picture of what’s been going on in my life, so this is one moody record,” she says. “There’s lots of talk of misbehaving and moving on.”

Born in South Carolina, Lane moved to New York City and, after a messy breakup, picked up a guitar and set her sights on a music career. But the cost of living in New York proved to be too high an obstacle, so she turned to Nashville, a city she had visited extensively. “I was hell bent on living in a big city and I just couldn’t work up the nerve to come back to the South,” she says. “[When I did,] Nashville was the obvious choice for me because of my fondness for it.”

Once in town, she released the 2011 album Walk of Shame to rave reviews, as well as opening High Class Hillbilly, a pop-up vintage clothing stall, where a chance meeting with Auerbach turned into a full-fledged partnership. “During the first round of recordings, I was in an awkward mood every night I left the studio,” she says. “It was hard for me to trust that Dan was right when he said I should move a verse around or add an extra chorus. He pushed to find the right feel for each track one by one, and a few months later I found myself with a damn good record.”

Garden & GunWritten April – May 2013


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Aug 252014
2014_catts_brownbag-250x386Catt’s long-running free lunchtime show series continues this fall in Mobile, Daphne and Fairhope on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday respectively.

Some of the local artists slated to play include Ryan Balthrop, Deluxe Trio, Excelsior Band and more.  The series kicks off September 3 with Leonard Houston.

As is customary, the same artist will play all three shows in the from 11:30am to 1:30.

Wednesdays – Brownbag in Bienville Square, downtown Mobile (sponsored in part by City of Mobile Special Events)

Thursdays – Mayday Park in Daphne

Fridays – Fairhope Windmill Market

For more info, check RadioAvalon.com, or the Events section here.

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Aug 232014
92ZEW is thrilled to add ATO Records’ artist and New Orleanian, Benjamin Booker, to its fall lineup of Free Concerts.  Booker will be playing the annual Soul Kitchen/92ZEW Halloween Bash.  Yet another new ZEW artist that music critics are buzzing about.
Website Facebook Twitter Youtube

Benjamin Booker’s self-titled debut album is out now on ATO Records. Benjamin Booker is a young New Orleans based singer-songwriter, influenced by The Gun Club, Blind Willie Johnson, and T. Rex.

benjamin booker

“A fierce debut.” – Rolling Stone

“Contender for rock record of the year.” – SPIN

“a raucous, unruly mix of punk, blues rock and soul” – New York Times

“The suavest kid in Southern Rock.” – GQ

“If you’ve not heard of Benjamin Booker yet, get ready.” – NPR

When Benjamin Booker played Lollapalooza, Rolling Stone named him the weekend’s Best Rock Star Moment (“though Lollapalooza is always filled with countless rock acts, Booker may have been the strongest and most refreshing”). When he played Newport Folk Fest, Billboard named him the second best performance of the entire event (“a tight, raucous set that comes with enough well-placed gaps in the riffage onslaught to highlight his searching, soulful lyrics”). When he toured opening for Jack White, Jack brought him back out during his own set for a show-closing guitar duel.

Rolling Stone Review

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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Aug 222014
92ZEW is bringing another artist on the rise for its Free Concert Series. New West Recording Artist NIKKI LANE, whose outlaw rock n roll album, produced by Black Key Dan Aurbach, is turning critics’ ears. See Nikki Lane for free September 12 at the Hangout, Gulf Shores with 92ZEW.
Official Site Facebook Twitter
Nikki Lane in the NEWS
Nikki Lane

Nikki Lane (pic by Iamsoundrecords.com)


Nikki Lane turns the vulnerable singer-songwriter stereotype on its ear, crafting songs that crucify ex-boyfriends and have no problem with one-night stands as long as she can bolt town right after. Her cooing-yet-brutal vocals are a perfect fit with an aching, mournful guitar.nikki_lane_free-show-300x530.jpg

Her upcoming album, tentatively titled Seein’ Double—produced by, yes, Dan Auerbach—is one of Nashville’s most anticipated releases. “My songs always paint a pretty clear picture of what’s been going on in my life, so this is one moody record,” she says. “There’s lots of talk of misbehaving and moving on.”

Born in South Carolina, Lane moved to New York City and, after a messy breakup, picked up a guitar and set her sights on a music career. But the cost of living in New York proved to be too high an obstacle, so she turned to Nashville, a city she had visited extensively. “I was hell bent on living in a big city and I just couldn’t work up the nerve to come back to the South,” she says. “[When I did,] Nashville was the obvious choice for me because of my fondness for it.”

Once in town, she released the 2011 album Walk of Shame to rave reviews, as well as opening High Class Hillbilly, a pop-up vintage clothing stall, where a chance meeting with Auerbach turned into a full-fledged partnership. “During the first round of recordings, I was in an awkward mood every night I left the studio,” she says. “It was hard for me to trust that Dan was right when he said I should move a verse around or add an extra chorus. He pushed to find the right feel for each track one by one, and a few months later I found myself with a damn good record.”





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Aug 222014
Ray LaMontagne Supernova Biography
Website Facebook Twitter Youtube

Ten years ago Ray LaMontagne released his first album, TROUBLE, the gold-certified start to a fiercely ambitious, Grammy Award-winning, critically praised career that’s encompassed three more albums, several EPs, a slew of soundtrack compilations and arresting live performances fronting a variety of ensembles.

92ZEW presents Ray LaMontagne with special guest he Belle Brigade live at Saenger Theatre Tues. Oct. 28

92ZEW presents Ray LaMontagne with special guest The Belle Brigade live at Saenger Theatre Tues. Oct. 28 Details

And LaMontagne is still having fun all these years later — and with his fifth album, SUPERNOVA, maybe more fun than ever.

“Fun is a trite word. I kind of hate to use it — but at the same time, I don’t know how else to say it,” LaMontagne says of the 10-song set, which was produced by the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach and recorded at his Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville. “It was just an enjoyable process. These songs reflect just my joy of songwriting, what I enjoy about writing songs. they feel free to me. I didn’t have to go searching around through cupboards to find the missing pieces; all the puzzle bits would just sort of burst to life in front of me. I just grabbed them and pieced them together and then would be surprised at what was in front of me — like, ‘Wow, that’s cool!’

“It’s an experience unlike any other I’ve had making a record.”

SUPERNOVA indeed bursts with a spirited bonhomme and a rocking, technicolor-tinged energy that’s different from its four predecessors. The title track and first single is a grooving, Nuggets-style burst of neo-psychedelia in which LaMontagne’s high register sounds hoarse with pleasure over the explosive power of love. “She’s the One” is a bold, punchy, swirling rocker, while “Lavender,” “Julia” and “Smashing” are soaked in lava lamp melodies and day-glo grooves. LaMontagne and the crack band Auerbach assembled for the SUPERNOVA lay back into rustic, rootsy territory during “Ojai” and “Drive-in Movies,” while “Airwaves” rides a light samba rhythm and “No Other Way” is a love ballad replete with trippy images.

And “Pick Up a Gun” is SUPERNOVA’s noir epic, from its martial cadence to its airy ambience and lush keyboard textures.

“The whole record was written that way. It was playful and really wonderful. It felt the way it feels in the beginning, when you’re first writing songs. They’re not precious in any way. It’s just a joyful, emotional truth, not like anything that’s being dredged up. I just ran with it, man. It was a great feeling.”

Excerpt from “Ray LaMontagne Supernova Biography” By: Gary Graff

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Aug 112014

social-games-free-concert92ZEW’s New Artist Showcase features two bands in one weekend at The Hangout on the beach during the National Kickball Championship Series.
Join the ZEW Krewe August 15 and 16 for two national recording artists that rock, 7Horse and 28North.  And Underhill Family Orchestra and Go Down Moses plays 2nd 2sday this week at Lap’s Grocery & Grill on the Causeway, another free show.

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Aug 052014

boogie-chillin-posterIn homage of one of Mobile’s finest blues players, Hank Becker, the Boogie Chillin’ reunion jam is set for Wednesday night at Veet’s. According to Ben Jernigan and Gina Jo, this is definitely a must-attend event for anyone who appreciates the Mobile music scene.

They told us this morning that a veritable who’s who of Mobile and beyond are participating. Plus limited amount of Boogie Chillin’ Tees & Huggers to be sold to help pay for Hank’s gravestone.

Find out what big names will be in attendance and more inside details by listening to the interview.

Here’s the Facebook Event Page

Click to Listen


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Jul 302014

hot music

Here’s what you’ve been hearing this week (July 25, 2014) on 92NEW, weeknights 8-10pm with Tony.

Sponsored by FOS Comics

Remember, you can get more artist and song info as well as videos with the free 92ZEW app for Android and iPhone. Feel free to give us your opinions too with a thumbs or thumbs down on the app.

  • No SinnerBoo Hoo Hoo
  • Benjamin Booker — Violent Shiver
  • Eric Clapton — Call Me The Breeze
  • David Gray — Back In The World
  • Alternate Routes — Nothing More
  • London Grammar — Strong
  • Bamboos — The Avenger
  • Toad The Wet Sprocket — California Wasted
  • Jamie Scott — My Hurricane
  • Aloe Blacc — Here Today
  • First Aid Kit — My Silver Lining
  • Belle Brigade — When Everything Was What It
  • Passenger — Scare Away The Dark
  • American Authors — Believer
  • Jukebox The Ghost — The Great Unknown
  • Nikki Lake — Right Time
  • Milky Chance — Stolen Dance
  • Eric Hutchinson — A Little More
  • Ray LaMontagne — Drive In Movies
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Jul 242014
Hank Becker Boogie Chillin Shirt Logo

Boogie Chillin’ t-shirt & koozie

Boogie Chillin’ reunion show is August 6, 7pm at Veet’s in downtown Mobile. Tickets are $10 and available online

Ben Jernigan checks in with 92ZEW to tell us this year’s Boogie Chillin’ Reunion will offer up t-shirts and koozies to raise funds for a headstone on Hank’s gravesite.

One of Mobile’s most loved and biggest musical influences, Hank Becker, passed away nearly two years ago and is still missed by many Mobile music lovers. Former members of Boogie Chillin’ get together on his birthday to jam for his memory at Veet’s.

This year’s edition is a benefit with specialty t-shirts & koozies.  Jernigan says he recently learned Hank has no headstone, so they’ll be selling a limited number of “Boogie Shirts” and koozies with Becker’s logo. The shirts, koozies, and tickets to the reunion show are being sold online, but to raise more funds, the shirts will be available for pick-up at the show as opposed to shipping.

Jernigan wants to know what you think should be on Becker’s headstone. If you have ideas, post them here.


. Click here for tickets and shirts.






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Jul 212014


Amanda Shires, Jason Isbell (courtesy of NoDepression.com)

Amanda Shires, Jason Isbell scheduled to play Dauphin Island SeaGrass festival (picture courtesy of NoDepression.com)

Dauphin Island’s SeaGrass Music Festival is set for August 30 and spotlights some strong Southern Artists:

  • Jason Isbell
  • Marc Broussard
  • Amanda Shires
  • Lisa Mills
  • Ryan Balthrop
  • more to be announced.

Tickets are $25, available online from eventbrite.com. Children 9 and younger will be admitted free.

Food and beverages will be available for purchase; outside food and drink are not allowed.
For more information on the South Mobile County Tourism Authority, visit visitSoMo.com or call 251-861-8747.

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Jul 172014

Underhill Family Orchestra



The Underhill Family Orchestra is a rowdy, warpaint-wearing, arm-swingin’-foot-stompin’ 6-piece Rock-and-Roll//Americana outfit from the Alabama Delta. Since their formation in 2009, these twenty-somethings have produced two albums worth of music and played all over the southeast and the midwest bringing their sound, which mixes gypsy//jazz//folk//spiritual//soul//rock-and-roll and other surprises, to the ears and hearts of thousands of people.”We have spent half a decade making sure that we can book our own tours, make our own merch, be our own PR people and still have fun making music we enjoy.”
As the band makes its march into a new year, they hope to bring an even bigger impact and take their sound, which “will make you want to paint your face, forget your age, and kiss a friend, (Luke Buckley//AL.com, Mobile Press-Register)” and their stage show which “defies convention and takes folk rock to strange and idyllic places. A show you won’t soon forget, (Buckley)” to further heights.They hope to come play in your town so you can join in on the experience that is The Underhill Family Orchestra.

jeremy- drums/guitar/vocals
brian- guitar/bass/vocals
joelle- tambourine/vocals


Fitz and t...
Bastille C...
Matt and K...
Hangout Mu...
Underhill ...
Balkan Bea...
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Jul 172014
92ZEW FREE SHOW – New Artist Showcase — Tuesday, July 22 – Southern Napa, Daphne
92ZEW presents Max Frost, free show Southern NapaABOUT MAX FROST





There are a few things you should know about musician, producer and songwriter Max Frost. He developed his eclectic style of music playing in various projects throughout his teen years. Max became a musician when he was eight, learning guitar simply because music was always around him and he loved it. He started playing shows at 12 and collaborated with a diverse array of artists like Austin icon Bob Schneider and hip-hop MC/producer Kydd. After hearing musicians like Erykah Badu and D’Angelo in his late teens, Max began incorporating hip-hop elements into his blues-inspired stylings, interested in the idea of combining modern rhythms with classic vintage tones in his music.In September 2012 Frost decided to leave the University of Texas-Austin, where he was studying English, to pursue his solo career. The musician released a single, “White Lies,” a boisterous number that expresses the feeling of paranoia one finds in a relationship and reflects that aching fear of betrayal, in April 2013. The track hit No. 1 on The Hype Machine?s “Most Popular Tracks on Blogs Now” in April and May, and Max suddenly found himself with a far greater audience than Austin, TX. Max channeled the song?s success into the creation of his debut EP, Low High Low, out in October. For the musician, the EP is an opportunity to showcase the way he pulls in aspects of various styles, from blues to funk to electro to hip-hop to pop, and fuses them together in a new way.Max Frost“The songs all connect to polar emotional states in life – highs and lows – giving the EP its name,” Max says. “This basic pattern is reflected in the content of the songs and the moods of the melodies. The theme continues in the production aesthetics of low-fi and high-fi, which will continue as the basic concept in my music into my upcoming LP. I hope the songs give a rounded representation of the music I’ve made in the past as well as a window into what I plan to create for the future. I’m influenced by many genres so I wanted to create an introduction that displayed diversity but also had coherence.”The music itself, as heard on Low High Low, is dynamic and innovative, a new way of capturing classic sonic ideas. It’s also a way for Max to find peace and meaning in the world, and to channel his own experiences into some relatable. There is distinct sense that the listeners can insert themselves into Max?s songs, which is perhaps the most important thing you should know about him.“A good song is 95 percent of complete thought,” Max says. “A small part of it should be left vague and incomplete because that’s where a listener projects in their own life and their understanding of how it fits as a whole for them. I want to leave space in my music for the other person to project what they’ve lived. That’s true of my new EP and it will be true of my forthcoming album.” 

Website Facebook Twitter Youtube
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Jul 172014
Johnny Winter performing at NOLA Jazz Fest (Photo: John Davisson, Invision, via AP)

Johnny Winter performing at NOLA Jazz Fest (Photo: John Davisson, Invision, via AP)

Johnny Winter, Texas blues-rock icon (and brother of Edgar Winter), was famous for his blazing ‘70s live shows and was hailed by ‘Rolling Stone’ as one of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.
70-year-old Winter was found dead in his Zurich, Switzerland hotel room. He was on a world tour.

Read more at USA Today.

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Jul 082014

Tedeschi Trucks Band


Website Facebook Twitter Youtube

Derek Trucks – Guitar
Susan Tedeschi – Guitar & Vocals
Kofi Burbridge – Keyboards & Flute
Tyler Greenwell – Drums & Percussion
J.J. Johnson – Drums & Percussion
Mike Mattison – Harmony Vocals
Mark Rivers – Harmony Vocals
Kebbi Williams – Saxophone
Maurice Brown – Trumpet
Saunders Sermons – Trombone
Tim Lefebvre – Bass Guitar

Some risks are worth taking. When Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi decided three years ago to dispense with their much-loved individual bands and pool their talents, they had no way of knowing what the public reaction might be to the new hybrid. They found out quickly enough when Revelator, Tedeschi Trucks Band’s 2011 studio debut, excited their sizable, devoted fan bases and the movers and shakers of the music industry alike, landing TTB both a Best Blues Album Grammy and a Blues Music Award for Album of the Year. Their live followup, Everybody’s Talkin’—documenting what many were already regarding as one of the most superb concert acts around not even two years into their existence—continued that forward momentum and picked up a Blues Music Award for Best Rock Blues Album (Susan, Derek and TTB itself each took home separate Blues Music Awards in 2012 as well).

Now, with the release of Made Up Mind (Sony Masterworks, August 20, 2013), there isn’t a shred of doubt that Susan Tedeschi, her husband and creative collaborator, Derek Trucks, and their superb bandmates are on to something—something very big.

For Derek and Susan, TTB’s strength in numbers—the band presently comprises 11 members—virtually guaranteed that a wide range of influences would steer the music to new, previously unexplored places. That diversity is evident throughout Made Up Mind. “I felt that with the personnel in this band, it was just a matter of time before all of these ideas started leaking out,” says Trucks. “As things progress, and as the band grows, I think that is inevitable. But we had a lot of confidence that it was going to be really good right out of the gate.”

It took a while for that gate to swing open, but it was worth the wait. Derek and Susan didn’t want to rush into things, and paced themselves until they were certain that each musician they brought into the fold was an equal, someone who would elevate the band to new plateaus musically. Today, as the result of carefully building it from scratch, Tedeschi Trucks Band is nothing less than one big happy family, a traveling roots music circus of sorts, roving from town to town and pulling out all the stops along the way, never knowing just what will be the highlight of tonight’s show or which band member will be the one to shine in the next moment. Each member of TTB is a strong enough force to be a bandleader in his own right, but the chemical reaction that takes place when they all come together results in a mighty sound that’s even greater than the sum of its considerable parts.



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Jul 082014
92ZEW and Huka Entertainment are proud to present the quintessential, 11-piece Southern outfit, Tedeschi Trucks Band, to play the Saenger Theatre September 11.

Tedeschi Trucks Band Long time player in Mobile and now considered one of the country’s modern guitar legends, Derek Trucks and his jazzy wife Susan Tedeschi, are touring in support of their latest release Made Up Mind.   The 11-piece outfit recently wowed crowds at Bonnaroo’s Superjam session curated by Trucks. Some of the guests on stage included Ben Folds, Taj Mahal, and Chaka Kan, who did an amazing rendition of Led Zeppelin’s ‘What is and What Should Never Be.’  Check out the clean audio below.

Tickets: now on sale 46.35 – 92.30 (including fees)

In just three years, Tedeschi Trucks Band — the 11-member collective led by husband-wife duo Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi — has taken its roots-rich musical mix to audiences across the globe and become a proven powerhouse on stage. Driven by Trucks’ signature slide-guitar sound and Tedeschi’s honey-to-husk voice, Tedeschi Trucks Band delivers an electrifying blend of blues, soul, jazz, and rock drawing from an ever-evolving song list. Debuting big with Revelator landing a Best Blues Album Grammy as well as a Blues Music Award for Album of the Year, Tedeschi Trucks Band continued that momentum with 2012′s dynamic live follow-up, Everybody’s Talkin’, showing why it is regarded by critics and fans as one of the most superb concert acts around. The group is now touring North America behind the release of its second studio effort, Made Up Mind –which entered Billboard’s top 200 at #11 and was hailed by Rolling Stone as “equal parts Stax and Muscle Shoals without dilution of either.”

More details at Saenger Theatre here.
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Jul 022014
Mobile Museum of Art is looking for regional artist submissions for its upcoming exhibit, The Art & Design of Mardi Gras, which opens November 2014.

July 3 at 11:59pm is deadline for entries.

Click here for details on Mobile Museum of Art website.

mardi-cat-grasIn celebration of its 50th anniversary, the Mobile Museum of Art has partnered with the Mobile Carnival Museum and the History Museum of Mobile on a major exhibition of the creative enterprise that comprises our city’s annual spectacle of myth and revelry.
The Art & Design of Mardi Gras will open in early November 2014 and remain on view through the Spring of 2015.
Artists were invited to participate in the exhibition by submitting works that reflect their vision of Mardi Gras. Due to space limitations, only a limited number of contemporary works from local and regional artists will be selected for inclusion in the exhibition.

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Jun 262014
Starting July 8, 2014, you’ll find 92ZEW’s local music spotlight at the new Laps on the Causeway.

One of 92ZEW’s reach for the beach contenders, Kaboom,  will be the first to play the new home for 2nd Tuesday.  Check out Laps for all of your food/fishing needs.  An upscale seafood restaurant, bait & tackle shop, seafood market, and more.


Home92ZEW's 2nd 2sday Returns to the Causeway92ZEW Free Concerts Kaboom - Reach for the Beach/Countdown to Hangout Festival Free Concerts

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Jun 192014
Local artists will be gifting a large-scale piece to the City of Mobile Police Department.

Art-imageMobile Arts Council’s May exhibiting artists Benno Kollegger and Regina Doi Kollegger are gifting a large-scale painting to the Mobile Police Department as a thank you for all the great work they do for the community.

The presentation will take place at the Central Events office (320 Dauphin Street) this Friday, June 20th at 10 AM.

The painting will be on temporary display there, then moved to its permanent home at the Traffic Division located in the Western Administration Complex.


For info :  MobileArts.org

Mobile Arts Council

318 Dauphin Street

Mobile, AL 36606

(251) 432-9796 ext. 8000




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Jun 112014
 See Vance Joy in concert for 92ZEW’s Free Concert New Artist Discovery showcase at The Soul Kitchen, Tuesday June 17.  Early Show starts at 8pm, doors at 7pm.
Website Twitter Facebook Instagram Youtube



Australian Vance Joy is slated to play 92ZEW Free Concert Series, June 17, 2014 at the Soul Kitchen

Australian indie folk singer/songwriter Vance Joy began his career playing the Melbourne open-mike scene at the end of the 2000s while completing his law degree. Finding success with his intimate, Bon Iver-influenced songs, Joy decided to put law on hold and pursue a music career instead. Born James Keogh, the singer took the name Vance Joy from a character Peter Carey’s novel Bliss in order to better separate his personal and professional life. As his reputation grew, he began working with a manager, booking bigger shows around town and eventually recorded his debut EP God Loves You When You’re Dancing. His catchy folk-pop single “Riptide” was an immediate success in Australia and eventually led him to sign a lengthy multi-album deal with Atlantic Records. In 2013, Joy began touring internationally and recording his first album for Atlantic.

Time Magazine Artist to Watch

From: Melbourne, Australia

AKA: James Keogh

His Sound: Keogh’s music might be described as indie-folk, tinged with a modern-pop flavor. His smooth and honeyed vocal style works well with the light, lively strums of his ukulele.

3-Minute Bio: The 25-year-old first made a splash with his standout track, “Riptide.” Within hours of its upload to Soundcloud, the infectious single hit #1 on Hype Machine’s Most Popular Chart. Keogh can’t believe the success he’s had with the tune, which just went gold in Australia. “I had a special feeling about it,” Keogh tells TIME. “I didn’t know if it was going to necessarily be a really popular song, but I knew that it was catchy and it had a definite spark to it.”

vance joy

Vance Joy is playing the 92ZEW Free Concert Series June 17, 2014 at the Soul Kitchen

After earning a law degree, Keogh decided to follow his heart and focus on music. He first tested his musical chops at open-mic nights in and around Melbourne, and word of his unaffected yet sophisticated sound quickly spread. He soon started headlining his own sold-out shows, and in March released his debut EP, God Loves You When You’re Dancing, in Australia.

Vance Joy’s music, along with their SXSW showcase this spring, caught the attention of an Atlantic Records executive in the U.S. The label decided to put their faith in Keogh and sign him to a five-album deal—the EP goes on sale September 3. Vance Joy recorded God Loves You with a Melbourne producer who works at the back of his parents’ house, in a small studio he calls “The Shed.” Keogh had been sitting on his song ideas for a while, so each track only took about a day to record. “It was quite a low-key affair,” Keogh says. “We just let it happen spontaneously, so it was a bit raw. I think we embraced that.”

Keogh—who is so new to the business that he has yet to receive a single royalty check—says he’s not in it for the money. Instead, he wants to put his focus on establishing a connection with listeners. “When I go to a gig and I hear a song that I really like, a song that hits home to me or hits an emotional nerve,” Keogh says, “if I could ever recreate that for someone, that would be the ultimate goal.”

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Jun 032014
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311 Website


On 92ZEW


All five members of 311 grew up in the 1970′s in Omaha, Nebraska. Nick Hexum, Tim Mahoney and Chad Sexton lived on the west side of town and went to Westside High School together. P-Nut and SA Martinez lived on the south side of town and went to Bryan High School together.

During high school, Nick and Tim played in a rock band together called “The Ed’s”. Nick was also in the high school concert jazz band with Chad.

At seventeen, Nick graduated early from high school and moved to downtown Los Angeles in pursuit of a music career. When Nick returned to Omaha for Chad and Tim’s high school graduation – the three of them jammed and realized they had a special musical chemistry. They soon added a keyboardist named Ward Bones and called themselves “Unity”. In late ’88, Nick, Chad and Ward moved to LA and made an unsuccessful stab at getting a recording contract.

Disillusioned with the L.A. scene, Chad soon moved back to Omaha and began jamming with P-Nut and a guitarist named Jim Watson. Months later, Chad persuaded Nick to move back to Omaha and join them. They played their first gig opening for Fugazi on June 10th 1990.

In 1991, they parted ways with Jim Watson and added Tim Mahoney as lead guitarist. At that time, SA Martinez began to make guest appearances with the band – and was eventually added as a full member. 311 was complete (Nick, Chad, Tim, P-Nut and SA).

In 1990 & 1991 the band released three independent records on their own label (What Have You Records). The records were called “Dammit,” “Hydroponic,” and “Unity.” With these records and their solid live show, the band quickly established a following in the Midwest and then set out for the West Coast.

They rented a small house in Van Nuys, California and all moved in together. These were very lean times for the band. Just before disintegrating into total poverty, they were signed to Capricorn Records.

311′s first cd “Music”, was released with little fanfare in February of ’93 (now Gold). The band hit the road in support of the record and was temporarily sidelined when their touring RV caught on fire and exploded on the shoulder of the highway. The fire destroyed all their equipment, clothes, money and personal possessions. Despite losing everything – the band members escaped the blaze with minor burns and injuries. They decided to persevere and they only canceled one show before returning to the stage with equipment donated by fans and friends who heard about the disaster on the television news.

In July of ’94 they released their second cd “Grassroots” (now Gold). By this time they were touring the US non-stop. They moved out of the house in Van Nuys – put their stuff into a storage space and literally just lived on the road. They put all their energy into their live show and steadily developed an incredible grassroots following nationwide.

In July ’95 they released their third cd “311″ and once again set out on tour. By ’96 the shows and the fanbase had grown considerably – and the media which had basically ignored 311 until then, began paying attention. In September of ’96 (14 months after the release of the “311″ album) the song “Down” hit the airwaves and became an across the board success at radio and MTV. “Down” went to #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart and the follow-up single “All Mixed Up” went to #2.

After the success of the “311″ album (which is now triple Platinum), 311 released a long form home video called “Enlarged to Show Detail” containing live concert footage, interviews, videos, backstage footage, etc. To make it a unique item, 311 bundled the video with a 5 song EP containing outtakes from the “311″ cd. The home video debuted at #1 on Billboards Music Video Sales Chart and is now a Platinum video.

After releasing the home video, 311 went back into the studio to record their fourth cd “Transistor”. “Transistor” debuted at #4 on the Billboard Top 200 and is now Platinum.

311′s 1997 headlining tour in support of the “Transistor” album drew an average of 10,000 people per night in the US. The band also toured Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

In September of 1998, 311 re-issued some old material on the “Omaha Session” EP. The EP contains 9 songs from the bands 1989-1991 independent releases (“Dammit,” “Hydroponic” and “Unity”). The EP is on the band’s original “What Have You Records” label and is only available via the 311 website (www.311music.com) and the 311 Mail Order Merch Catalog.

In November of 1998, 311 released 311 Live – a collection of live recordings from the 1997 US Tour. And in October of 1999, 311 released their fifth cd “Soundsystem” which debuted at #9 and toured extensively in the US and Japan.

In 2000, the band purchased a recording studio in North Hollywood. After making some renovations and bringing in their own equipment, they renamed it “The Hive” (which is also the name of their fanclub). The studio was active in the 70′s / 80′s. Missing Persons and Adam Ant recorded albums there and most recently it was used as a voice over studio for movies, etc.

In 2001, the band released “From Chaos” which debuted at #10 on the Billboard Top 200 Sales Chart. 311 toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe in support of “From Chaos”. The first single “You Wouldn’t Believe” reached #7 on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart. The second single “I’ll Be Here Awhile” reached #15 on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart. The single “Amber” reached #10 on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart and #30 on the Billboard Modern AC Chart. The album is certified Gold.

On July 22, 2003, 311 released their 7th studio album “Evolver” which included the singles, “Creatures (For A While)” and “Beyond the Gray Sky.” The band recorded and mixed the album at their own studio, The Hive in North Hollywood, CA. The video for “Creatures (For A While)” was directed by the Malloy Brothers, who also directed 311′s video for “Amber”. To support the album, 311 embarked on a massive US tour with opening acts such as The Roots, O.A.R., Something Corporate, Medeski Martin & Wood and more.

In 2004, 311 was asked by Adam Sandler to contribute an 80′s cover song to his movie “Fifty First Dates.” 311 recorded The Cure’s “Love Song.” 311′s version of “Love Song” reached #1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Radio Chart! Making it the band’s second #1 hit and their sixth single to crack the Top 10! Nick Hexum also produced four other songs for the movie’s soundtrack including songs with Seal, Jason Mraz and Dryden Mitchell from Alien Ant Farm.

On 3-11-04, 311 fans once again invaded the city of New Orleans for a special 3-11 Day Concert. 311 performed a legendary 5 hour set at UNO Lakefront Arena in front of a sold-out crowd of 311′s biggest fans. The band played 68 songs including all their classic hits plus rarities and covers (Led Zeppelin’s “D’yer Maker”, The Clash’s “White Man in Hammersmith Palais”, The Cure’s “Love Song”). The entire concert was filmed and recorded and ultimately released (Oct 26, 2004) as a special 2-DVD set”3-11 Day Live in New Orleans.” The DVD includes 64 songs plus a behind the scenes look at the band and their fans. The DVD is now certified Platinum.

On June 8, 2004, 311 released “Greatest Hits (1993-2003)”, a definitive collection of 311′s top radio singles plus two brand new songs “How Do You Feel” and “First Straw.” The album debuted at #7 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart, marking the fourth time that a 311 album has reached the Top 10!

In late 2004, 311 returned to The Hive Studio to work on studio album #8, with producer Ron Saint Germain (Bad Brains, Soundgarden, Tool). Saint also produced the “311″, “From Chaos” and “Evolver” albums. The new album “Don’t Tread On Me” was released on August 16, 2005. The album debuted #9 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart. The first single “Don’t Tread On Me” went to #1 at Modern Rock radio. In the meantime, 311 embarked on a 40 date summer amphitheatre tour. And in further support of the album, the band continued on with 2005 Fall and Winter Tours.

In 2006, 311 returned to the road with a Spring Tour, highlighted by a fantastic 3-11 Day show in Memphis, playing 66 songs across 5 hours! The band continued on with a first time to play Jamaica, a return to Hawaii and a return to Japan to play the PunkSpring Festival shows. In Summer, 311 headlined another major amphitheatre tour across the US, this time bringing out support from the lengendary Wailers. The tour was met with great success from coast to coast.

In 2007, 311 fired up the engines once again with another major U.S. Summer Tour of amphitheatres, bringing along support from Matisyahu and The English Beat. The 50 show tour drew crowds of 14,000+ in Atlanta, Boston, DC, New Jersey & Los Angeles – and 10,000+ in St. Louis, West Palm, Charlotte, Virginia Beach, Denver, etc. 311′s mass following was growing larger than ever!

In 2008, 311 ventured on a Spring Tour, highlighted by an epic 3-11 Day show in New Orleans; the show was sold out (14,000 tickets) at New Orleans Arena, selling tickets to fans across all 50 states and 12 other countries! 311 put on a legendary performance of 63 songs with fans on their feet and cheering for more after 5 hours straight!

In summer 2008, 311 took it’s Unity Tour coast to coast, joined by Snoop Dogg. Ending their fantastic summer tour with shows in Japan and Hawaii, 311 resumed recording with Bob Rock. The release of their album Uplifter came June 2, 2009. In support of Uplifter, 311 headed out on lots of shows via Spring, Summer and Fall Tours. Summer tour featured special guest Ziggy Marley.

In 2010, 311 returned to the road for Spring, Summer and Fall Tours. Summer tour featured special guest The Offspring. Touring highlights that year included 311 Day in Las Vegas – a sold out show at the Mandalay Bay Arts Center (14,000 tickets sold to fans in all 50 U.S. States and 13 countries), as well as first time shows in Guam and Indonesia. Plus first time shows in Alaska, which completed 311 playing all 50 states (it took them 20 years to do it, but mission accomplished!). Other highlights included Japan, Hawaii, and a special Halloween show in Atlanta.

In 2011, 311 headed out on a Spring tour that culminated with the amazing 311 Caribbean Cruise – a 4 night / 5 day adventure from Miami to Turks & Caicos on a Carnival Cruise ship. The Cruise liner was sold out to 3,000 311 fans, who represented all 50 U.S. states and 13 countries. The Cruise featured 7 bands, 5 djs and 2 comedians. That Spring, 311 also ventured for a first time to play Panama, Peru and Chile. That July, 311 released it’s album Universal Pulse, also produced by Bob Rock, debuting at #7 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart. The band then embarked on their Unity Tour 2011, 311′s ninth consecutive summer to headline amphitheatres across the U.S. Special guest was Sublime with Rome, making for one of the biggest and best summer tours yet. A special highlight was the 311 Pow Wow Festival, 311′s first multi-day event…3 days, 2 stages. 311 played 4 sets, including their album Transistor in its entirety. There was camping and lots of other bands, www.311PowWowFestival.com for info.

In 2012, 311 headed out on a Spring Tour leading to 311 DAY 2012 in Las Vegas. This time around, instead of one five hour show, 311 played two special three hour shows back to back nights, March 10 and 11 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Alongside state-of-the-art production, 311 played 79 different songs over the course of the 2 nights. In May, 311 set sail once again on the 311 Caribbean Cruise, this time headed to Half Moon Cay, Bahamas, a private island. 311 played 4 shows, spanning 83 different songs. All info at www.311Cruise.com and photo gallery at http://tinyurl.com/btfyk55. For Summer 2012, 311 return to headline amphitheatres for it’s tenth consecutive summer, with Slightly Stoopid joining the bill. 40 shows, info at www://311.com/shows. More shows, more music, more good times ahead!!…

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Jun 022014
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The Head and the Heart Band Photo



It wasn’t that long ago that the members of Seattle’s The Head and the Heart were getting acquainted with another at the local pub Conor Byrne, strumming their acoustic guitars, stomping their feet and singing in harmony as they attempted to attract the attention of customers. That unbridled energy informed their earliest original material, which was honed in local performances before eventually being captured on the band’s 2011 debut album for hometown label Sub Pop.

Then, something unexpected happened. That music began to reach audiences all over the United States and the rest of the world, and The Head and the Heart went from playing open mic nights to selling out headlining shows in prestigious venues. The album became one of Sub Pop’s best-selling debut releases in years. And slowly but surely, ideas began to form for the band’s second album, imbued with the experiences of traveling the world and cultivating a listenership with a deep connection to the music.

“There is a certain level of confidence gained from having such an amazing fan base,” says group member Jonathan Russell. “You start to trust yourself more. When we were busking, we were filling so much space to keep the listener from walking away. Now we are in a very different situation.” Adds group member Josiah Johnson, “We wanted to write songs that felt bigger, and didn’t need to be so frantic. I think for the most part we wanted to record an album that sounds like the way we play now.

The_Head_and_The_Heart_Troubadour_12-13-10_02 via LosAnjealous.comIndeed, The Head and the Heart’s new release, Let’s Be Still, is a snapshot of a band that didn’t exist just four short years ago. Virginia native Russell and California transplant Johnson formed the core songwriting partnership, which was rounded out by drummer Tyler Williams, keyboardist Kenny Hensley, vocalist/violinist Charity Rose Thielen and bassist Chris Zasche, who’d met Russell and Johnson while tending bar at an open mic they frequented. The nascent group dove headfirst into writing, recording and performing, and even moved into the same house to ensure that inspiration could strike at any moment.

“The first record was very thematic. It just had to do with all of us being together and writing songs, and leaving home to come to Seattle,” says Thielen. “I honestly don’t know if there is a theme this time around. There are things that stick out, like the idea of going from busking to becoming a full-on band and touring like crazy.” Adds Williams, “Before we started recording, I wondered, ‘What if this doesn’t work? What if the momentum dies down?’ But once we got in there, we realized that we felt so good together doing it. The weight was lifted. It was like, ‘Right! This is what we do.’”

Let’s Be Still was recorded at Seattle’s Studio Litho with assistance from prior production collaborator Shawn Simmons. Later, the band traversed the country to mix the album in Bridgeport, Conn., with Peter Katis, revered for his work with bands such as the National, Interpol and the Swell Season. The 13 tracks here build naturally on both the sounds and themes of the debut, from the piano and violin-dappled opener “Homecoming Heroes” and the heartfelt “Josh McBride” to vibrant, bouncy future concert staples “Shake” and “My Friends.”

“The first record was written and recorded with a lot of limitations. It’s almost easier that way,” says Zasche. “This time around, with more time and resources, there were few limitations, so we had to be in charge of keeping a focus and not getting distracted but at the same time exploring the options available. It wasn’t easy, but from this I think a clearer, more focused record has been made.”

Band members point to “Another Story” as a moment that embodies their collective creative spirit. Russell wrote the song shortly after the elementary school shooting in Sandy Hook, Conn., but hadn’t showed it to anyone in the band except Johnson. “One day everyone was taking a break from tracking and I was sitting in my booth and started to play this song,” Russell recalls. “You could hear what I was doing in the control room and then one by one, a bandmate would walk in, grab their instrument and start playing along. We didn’t talk about it. We didn’t have to go back and rearrange anything. It was all there.” Adds Williams, “Jon is so smart about waiting to introduce new ideas. He knows when the mood will be right.” Says Johnson, “The song was undeniable, and the vibe didn’t change from when he was playing it acoustically. Everybody just lifted it up, in the way that this band does.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum was “Gone,” which dated back to sessions for the debut album but didn’t make the cut the first time around. The band wrestled with the arrangement while performing it live for several years, and finally cracked the code after adding a laid-back bass-and-drum groove to the beginning. Described by Thielen as “striking” in its solo acoustic form, Johnson’s “Fire / Fear” underwent similar revisions until the rest of the band settled on a new progression to link the verses together. “There is a lot more patience in the music,” says Russell. “I think that has a lot to do with feeling more comfortable as a songwriter and a performer.”

During the mixing process, Katis was tasked with polishing what Johnson describes as “a beautiful mess” of finished tracks. Says Williams, “We have a certain energy when we play shows that didn’t translate to the first record. I was getting worried about that before we went to Peter’s. Things seemed a bit muted and dry to me. But I didn’t realize how much mixing could change a record. Peter actually went in and messed with tones, had some production suggestions and wound up really being the right guy to help us finish the record.” “His mixes turned the songs around, and breathed vibrancy into them,” says Thielen. “He added some auxiliary details that helped make things more full-bodied, but still within the realm of what we do. It was really refreshing.”Sept 16 The Head And The Heart

With Let’s Be Still ready for release, The Head and the Heart is eager to return to the road to further hone the musical bond its members formed in such whirlwind fashion. “When I think about the two records together, the first one feels like we all wanted to fulfill this dream we’d had about playing music, meeting people and traveling around,” says Williams. “This one feels like the consequences of doing that — what relationships did you ruin? What other things did you miss? You always think it will all be perfect once you just do ‘this.’ And that’s not always the case.”

Adds Russell, “Has there been an impact on our lives since we have become full-time musicians? Sure. No band wants to write that second record about how hard they have it. But it’s hard to get around all of it. There are a few songs on this record that express the band’s hardships for sure. On one hand, it’s everything you have ever wanted. On the other hand, you start to miss the things you’ve lost and had to give up. And that’s just life. My job is to write about it.”

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Apr 042014


13 national recording artists and six talented regional bands are set to play at the beach with 92ZEW’s Countdown to Hangout Festival free concert series.

The Mowgli’s, The Wild Feathers, Unlikely Candidates, Majestico, Scars on 45, Sons of Fathers, The Misterwives, 28 North, No Sinner, Gigi Rowe, The Vagabonds, Shannon LeBre and Regional artists: Kaboom, The Volks, Underhill Family Orchestra, Joel Madison Blount, Festival Expressions, and The Mulligan Brothers.



The Mowgli's

The Mowgli’s


countdown-hangout-fest-final-poster92ZEW’s annual free concert series is a six weekend new artist discovery showcase at The Hangout in Gulf Shores, AL to countdown the days to award-winning Hangout Festival (May 16-19 on the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama and this year features the Outkast reunion, Black Keys, Jack Johnson, The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, Avett Brothers, Pretty Lights and so much more).*

The Free Concert Series starts this weekend (Friday, April 4) with Island/Def Jam artist The Mowgli’s, a 7 piece outfit from Los Angeles. Their unique brand of California sunshine harkens back to the days of the Partridge Family and the era of love and happiness. Perfect sounds for the beach, and the band is quite happy to return to the beach after playing Hangout Festival last year.

Opening for The Mowgli’s  (and on Island/Def Jam) are The Misterwives, who already are attracting attention from the likes of Perez Hilton, MTV Buzzworthy and The Huffington Post.

Saturday night we’ll see ATO Recording artist Majestico, whose  modern take on vintage 60′s garage rock influences would make Little Steven Van Zandt roll a tumble.   Rolling Stone says they’ve drawn comparisons to Mick Jagger, T. Rex and the New York Dolls.  Opening for Majestico is Kaboom, from D’Iberville Mississippi, one of the finalists in 92ZEW’s Reach for the Beach challenge to play Hangout Festival 2014.  Regional bands were invited to submit their best to be considered.  Members of local music media listened to at least 50 different submissions and voted on the best six to compete. Read the details on the challenge here.   The band’s funky fusion of rock n roll chords with a dash 80′s synth beats is a raucous compliment for a night of diverse live music.

April 12 will see the return of  UK band, Scars on 45, whose music came stateside when featured on “CSI: New York” and “Grey’s Anatomy”.  Billboard magazine says “Strummy, harmony-glazed ditties like “Burn the House Down,” “Warning Sign” and “The Way That We Are” feel custom-designed for emphasizing moments of emotional revelation, with ingratiating folk-pop melodies and lyrics about fighting in the pouring rain to hide one’s tears.”  GigiRowe (aka Laura Warshauer) came to the world’s attention with her wedding song written for Prince William and wife Kate Middleton (they attended college together and Kate is a sorority sister).

Opening the April 12 show will be Reach for the Beach finalist, The Volks, from Mobile AL, who will definitely get the crowd going with their garage rockin’ ways.

April 19 brings the Austin TX dynamic duo of Sons of Fathers who will definitely get the crowd going with their rousing AmericanaRock live show. Opening for them are Reach for the Beach contenders Underhill Family Orchestra from Mobile, AL. This 5 piece outfit is more of a darker side of American with a twist of moody alternative rock.

Here’s the complete schedule for Countdown to Hangout Festival Free Concert Series:**

Meyer Vacation Rentals

Friday April 4thMowgli’s with Special Guest The Misterwives

Saturday April 5thMajestico (from Nashville)  (Rolling Stone magazine says “Majestico, Fitzpenn has drawn comparisons to Mick Jagger, T. Rex and the New York Dolls.“)  with Reach for the Beach finalist Kaboom (D’Iberville MS).

Saturday April 12thScars on 45 (from Leeds, U.K.),  Gigi Rowe (aka Laura Warshauer), and Reach for the Beach finalist, The Volks.

Saturday April 19thSons of Fathers (Austin, TX) and Reach for the Beach finalist Underhill Family Orchestra (Mobile, AL)

Saturday April 26th28 North (Pittsburgh), No Sinner (Vancouver, Canada), and Reach for the Beach finalist  Joel Madison Blount (Birmingham, AL)

Saturday May 3rdUnlikely Candidates, The Vegabonds, and Reach for the Beach finalist Festival Expressions

Saturday May 10thWild Feathers  (Nashville), Shannon Labre, and Reach for the Beach finalist The Mulligan Brothers.

Award winning Hangout Music Festival is May 16-19 on the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama and this year features the Outkast reunion, Black Keys, Jack Johnson, The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, Avett Brothers, Pretty Lights and so much more, with additional artists to be announced.

**More information about the remainder of the line-up coming soon.


92ZEW Interview with The Mowglis, Hangout Festival 2013


Wild Feathers perform The Ceiling on 92ZEW bus, Hangout Fest 2013


Wild Feathers perform ‘Left My Woman’ on 92ZEW Bus at Hangout Fest 2013

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Mar 152014
Pretty Lights, Avett Brothers, Modest Mouse, Trombone Shorty, Bastille, Fitz and the Tantrums  part of the stellar line-up announced for  fifth annual, award-winning Hangout Music Festival on the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Weekend Passes start at $229 for General Admission, with 12 and under free and go on sale Thursday, January 16 at 9am CST: http://bit.ly/18PYHaT

Here’s the line-up we have so far, with more acts yet to be announced. .

Hangout Festival 2014 poster

Hangout Festival 2014 CLICK HERE For Ticket Info



  • The Black Keys,
  • The Killers,
  • Outkast,
  • Jack Johnson,
  • Queens of the Stone Age,
  • Pretty Lights,
  • The Avett Brothers,
  • Modest Mouse,
  • The Flaming Lips,
  • STS9,
  • Wiz Khalifa,
  • Zedd,
  • Childish Gambino,
  • Amos Lee,
  • Conor Oberst,
  • Tegan and Sara,
  • Portugal The Man,
  • Fitz and the Tantrums,
  • Capital Cities,
  • Boys Noize,
  • Bloody Beetroots,
  • Ingrid Michaelson,
  • Blackberry Smoke,
  • Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue,
  • Bastille,
  • Chance The Rapper,
  • Soja,
  • Allen Stone,
  • The 1975,
  • ALO,
  • Claude VonStroke,
  • Los Lobos,
  • Andrew W.K.,
  • Black Lips,
  • Moon Taxi,
  • Little Green Cars,
  • Tom Odell,
  • Balkan Beat Box,
  • Valerie June,
  • Brodinski,
  • Wild Belle,
  • RAC,
  • Daedelus,
  • Robert DeLong,
  • heRobust,
  • Shakey Graves,
  • Bronze Radio Return,
  • Wild Cub,
  • Le1f,
  • Reignwolf,
  • Gemini Club,
  • The Wans,
  • Diarrhea Planet,
  • Bad Suns,
  • Desert Noises,
  • John and Jacob,
  • Ethan Tucker,
  • Mystery Skulls,
  • Lonely Biscuits,
  • Los Colognes,
  • Bagheera,
  • Dugas,

* additional bands will be announced.

Gulf Shores, AL (January 15, 2014) – Hangout Music Festival organizers announce and celebrate the lineup for the fifth annual Hangout Music Fest, featuring The Black Keys, The Killers, Outkast, Jack Johnson, Queens of the Stone Age, Pretty Lights, The Avett Brothers, Modest Mouse and The Flaming Lips on the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores, AL on May 16-18, 2014.

Also included in the stellar over 75-band lineup are STS9, Wiz Khalifa, Zedd, Childish Gambino, Amos Lee, Conor Oberst, Tegan and Sara, Portugal The Man, Fitz and the Tantrums, Capital Cities, Boys Noize, Bloody Beetroots, Ingrid Michaelson, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, The 1975 and Bastille. Bands will play on six stages, including the newly added Red Bull Sound Select stage.

Trombone Shorty - Hangout Fest 2011

Trombone Shorty – Hangout Fest 2011 (Steve Galli, CBS)

The setting of the Hangout Music Fest is unlike any other. Fans watch performances just steps from the Gulf of Mexico and sample seafood prepared by renowned regional chefs from the newly redesigned Alabama Gulf Seafood Outdoor Courtyard. Fashion will also be in the spotlight with a village of pop up boutiques where fans can shop for dresses, bathing suits, sunglasses and more. Even romance gets a boost with the Hangout Music Fest’s new beachside wedding chapel.

Fans will also enjoy access to extraordinary amenities including more shaded areas under palm trees, the Sky Bar tower, which offers 360-degree views of the festival, and a plethora of amusement rides and games, free refill water stations and a variety of dining options.

    VIP ticket-holders receive even more perks including easy access to the festival through special entrances; prime viewing areas, including swimming pools with views of the main stage; a shaded VIP Grove with complimentary beverages as well as private, air-conditioned restrooms; and more. Super VIPs will also receive 24/7 concierge services; access to a private, air-conditioned dining room and lounge featuring exclusive meals prepared by renowned chefs; admittance to the pre-Fest party; golf cart chauffeur service; priority on-site lodging reservation privileges; and more. VIP tickets are available for $999 and a limited number of Super VIP tickets will also be available for $1599

The Hangout Music Fest is located on the Alabama coast just a few miles from the Florida border. The Gulf Shores area offers a wide arrange of vacation rentals including condos, hotels and beach houses – many of which are located within walki-ng or biking distance to the festival. Fans looking to book a place to stay for the festival can choose from a wide variety of options at www.hangoutmusicfest.com. Fans will also be able to book all-inclusive travel packages and reserve shuttle passes.

The Hangout Music Fest is located on the Alabama coast just a few miles from the Florida border. The Gulf Shores area offers a wide arrange of vacation rentals including condos, hotels and beach houses – many of which are located within walking or biking distance to the festival. Fans looking to book a place to stay for the festival can choose from a wide variety of options at www.hangoutmusicfest.com. Fans will also be able to book all-inclusive travel packages and reserve shuttle passes.

To get fans in the Hangout state of mind, throughout the day, MTV, VH1, Palladia, MTV.com, MTV Hits, MTV Jams and mtvU will be featuring music videos, live performances, news packages about the festival and interviews with this year’s lineup. In addition, Palladia will be airing highlights from last year’s festival from 9am-11am ET/PT and 7pm-9pm ET. MTV, VH1 and Palladia will be down on the beach again this year to present an unprecedented and all encompassing multiscreen presentation of the music, events and fans that will define this year’s festival.

The Black Keys, Hangout Fest 2011 (Steve Galli, CBS)

The Black Keys, Hangout Fest 2011 (Steve Galli, CBS)

About Hangout Music Fest: The Hangout Music Festival has been recognized as one of the premiere live music events in the United States with a beach setting that is part music festival and part dream vacation. The festival is located on the white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores, AL – just a short drive from the Pensacola FL and Mobile AL airports. Each year at the Hangout Festival, fans are treated to some of the biggest names in music alongside new emerging acts. The Hangout Music Fest was recognized by Pollstar as the “Music Festival of the Year” in 2011 and was named as one of the best festivals of 2013 by Paste Magazine. An economic impact study, conducted by the City of Gulf Shores and Auburn University, reported that the festival brought a whopping $31 million to the local economies of Gulf Shores and surrounding areas, in 2013.


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Jan 232014
It does everything a good app should, except cook dinner and clean house.  Free download for iPhone and Android. Just search “92ZEW”

92ZEW app, where you can talk back

  • Listen to 92ZEW online stream
  • See playlist as songs play
  • Rate the tunes
  • Artist info and videos
  • Connect with Facebook or Twitter to chat with DJ’s and other ZEW listeners
  • Share pictures, audio, articles and more
  • Instant concert and weather updates
  • Alarm Clock

More entertainment is being added and updated too. Any ideas? Tell us, maybe we can make it happen.

Remember to give it a good rating in the store too.



92ZEW Phone App


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Aug 182013
Morning ZEW Personality – Promotions Guru of 92ZEW and WNSP
Pablo Mornings 92ZEW

Pablo, ready to work it.

Born and raised here in Mobile, Alabama, Pablo became a DJ in 1991 while still in high school, and promptly spent most of his formative
years as an air talent/programmer with stations such as WABB and others, while also working in numerous nightclub settings.

Pablo, married to his wife Kelly, is currently the morning host on 92ZEW and directs promotions for 92ZEW and sister station WNSP by day and stays up all night spinning tunes with his daughter Bridget, age 6, whose favorite song is currently anything by Big Time Rush.

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Jul 032013

ReverbNation.comDMB and Reverbnation are asking fans to donate non-perishable food items for the Bay Area Food Bank at the upcoming Dave Matthews Band / John Butler Trio concert.

All donations will be given to the BAFB and collected outside the venue at the main gate.

Dave Matthews at Hangout Fest

Dave Matthews, live at Hangout Fest 2012

Reverbnation is a musical website that helps musicians get their sounds out to the masses while working to green the music industry. Check out their site at reverbnation.com and bring your food to the show, July 23 at the Amphitheater at the Wharf.

Click here for more details about the show.

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May 022013
Vintage Trouble

Hollywood California’s Vintage Trouble brings it to the Hangout Friday night for Road to Hangout Fest free concert series

Live-wired, straight-shootin, dirty-mouth’d, pelvis-pushing juke music. Vintage Trouble opens for The Who on their European tour and The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park. The So Cal band brings it Friday night for 92ZEW’s Road to Hangout Fest Free Concert Series too. Pretty good company to be in. 

Vintage Trouble formed in 2010 out of the ashes of a few other bands, and not by chance, Ty Taylor (vocal) and Nalle Colt (guitar) teamed up with drummer Richard Danielson and bassist Rick Barrio Dill. They entered The Bomb Shelter Studio, recorded an album’s worth of material in three days, which was intended to be demos and ended up being pressed into CDs. The Bomb Shelter Sessions became Vintage Trouble’s first album. Selling it at their gigs was easy and not surprisingly so were the calls to feature their music in several commercial media.

With a unified decision to stay in Los Angeles to build their musical foundation as a band, weekly residences in the area lead to a large assembly of fans in a short amount of time. These fans became known as the “TroubleMakers.” It was that underground buzz that lead to legendary manager Doc McGhee taking notice and signing Vintage Trouble to his roster after hearing only a single chorus. Doc’s first order of business became breaking the band in England, right away. Their first venture overseas resulted in a similar groundswell with Music Weekly naming them 2011 Breakout Artist of the Year and HMV hailing them as their “Next Big Thing.”

Their return to the U.S. and Harvelle’s was nothing short of epic, with a line forming down the block before the club even opened. Vintage Trouble felt the homecoming as a true testament to their fans’ dedication at spreading the word and sharing their music. The crowd inside was just as amped; young and old, newbies and old faithful, all anticipating the transference of energy from the band to their soles. Vintage Trouble didn’t disappoint. The next day the band would be on a plane back to London to appear on Later… with Jools Holland. This performance was one of the most talked about of the year, blowing up Twitter as the 6th most tweeted topic worldwide just hours after the show. The very next day, their self-released debut, The Bomb Shelter Sessions entered the charts, becoming the No. 1 “R&B Album” and No. 2 “Rock Album” on Amazon UK—No. 6 on Amazon overall and No. 13 on iTunes, charting in the “UK Top 40″ by the time it was officially released in July.

The band went on to play 80 shows in 100 days in front of an estimated 400,000 people throughout the UK and Germany. The next three months brought them an opportunity playing theaters, opening for Brian May’s Anthems Tour, and then as the support for Bon Jovi in stadiums and arenas on the UK, Ireland and German legs of the tour, playing to over 200,000 people in just under two weeks—all the while headlining smaller venues, after-hours clubs, and pubs. Guitarist Magazine ran a feature about Nalle, and The Bomb Shelter Sessions was named one of the “Top 25 Guitar Albums of the Year” by Total Guitar Magazine. They won the Classic Rock Award for “Best New Band of 2011″—an honor that German Music Magazine would also bestow upon them.

Things exploded around their penultimate show in Glasgow. The demand for tickets was so great that they were bumped up from a 500 seat venue to play for over 800 freshly converted “TroubleMakers.” Ty was invited to front Queen for Freddie Mercury’s 65th birthday celebration in London, setting the stage for Vintage Trouble to embark on their third overseas tour, with destinations including Italy, Germany, Paris, Belgium, and the Netherlands. They played Hyde Park Main Stage twice in eight days (The Wireless Festival and Hard Rock Calling). They were featured on Sky News, recorded an MTV The Studio Sessions with Tony Visconti, in addition to 17 live radio sessions throughout the tour, including Radio 2- Janice Long, 6 Music With Craig Charles, Q Radio, BBC Radio London and BBC Radio Scotland.

2012 proved to be just as busy. The band sold out The Troubadour in Los Angeles and took up residencies at both The Cosmopolitan and Hard Rock Hotels in Las Vegas. Their first video “Nancy Lee,” filmed entirely with an iPhone, won at the Original iPhone Film Fest, not just taking the Music Video category, but the festival’s grand prize as well. In February, Google Music selected Vintage Trouble as the featured artist at Sundance where their live performance rocked the film community and they made their first appearance in Rolling Stone. Their too-brief Australian tour included the Sydney Festival and the Australian Film Awards and was met with such an overwhelming response that a return trip is guaranteed sooner rather than later. Vintage Trouble’s SXSW showcase in Austin was named “the fourth best live performance of the festival” by Paste Magazine (only behind The Jesus and Mary Chain, Jack White and Bruce Springsteen). In celebration of the official U.S. release of The Bomb Shelter Sessions, Best Buy also featured Vintage Trouble on their TV screens in stores nationwide.

The release of The Bomb Shelter Sessions, combined with their electric live show has catapulted Vintage Trouble into the US limelight, earning them a sponsorship by Supercuts, an iTunes rock download of the week for new song “Pelvis Pusher,” along with praise from NPR, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal and Billboard for what The New York Times raves, “Like Otis Redding, Vintage Trouble makes music that is a little bit of everything … You can slow dance, groove, rock and let it all go.”

Following unforgettable TV performances on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Conan and Jimmy Kimmel Live, Vintage Trouble recently wowed audiences at this year’s SXSW festival, capturing the attention of Yahoo Music who raves, “Imagine James Brown singing lead for Led Zeppelin, and you’ll get an idea of Vintage Trouble’s muscular, in-the-pocket sound.”

Vintage Trouble is currently on a world tour that has already seen them open for Lenny Kravitz, The Cranberries, Joss Stone and recently, The Who. Their world tour continues in 2013 with performances at Coachella, Glastonbury and Rock In Rio, a Japanese headlining run and The Who’s European Tour, along with a US headline tour in August.

Vintage Trouble’s Ty Taylor, Nalle Colt, Richard Danielson and Rick Barrio Dill together form a quartet of sincere musicians whose combination of hard work, talent, and luck are undoubtedly going to take them right where they deserve to be: on our radios, in our cars, our headphones, our televisions, at the venues where we go to see our favorite bands and on the soundtrack of our favorite moments in life.

By Nick Faigen

Ty Taylor, Nalle Colt, Rick Barrio Dill, Richard Danielson

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Apr 302013




Matt Hires plays 92ZEW Road to Hangout Free Concert Series 7pm Saturday, May 4 at the Hangout.

On his debut album, Matt Hires emerged as a golden-voiced troubadour with a penchant for setting heart-on-sleeve lyrics to sweetly infectious melody. Now, on his sophomore release entitled This World Won’t Last Forever, But Tonight We Can Pretend, Hires weaves in grander arrangements, brighter hooks, and a more richly textured sound to assert himself as a formidable new force in the singer-songwriter realm.

“My favorite artists are the ones who keep making records that give you something different from what came before, but still hold onto their own unique sound overall,” says the 27-year-old Tampa-based singer/guitarist. “With this album, I pushed into the direction of making music that’s more fun and pop-oriented but also retains that sense of honesty that I’ve always valued as a songwriter.”

Indeed, the album offers up more than its share of sing-along-worthy melodies and sunny harmonies, all while elegantly showcasing Hires’s warm yet masterful vocal work. At the same time, the album bears a bigger, more bombastic energy that reveals the deep-seated influence of rock-and-roll heroes like The Band and Bruce Springsteen. And all throughout the album (the follow-up to 2008’s Take Us To The Start), Hires delivers delicately rendered lyrics that shift between sharp-eyed social commentary and strikingly intimate storytelling. “Even though I broke out of the traditional singer-songwriter mold, there are still some songs that are very confessional,” Hires notes. “At heart, I’m still that guy strumming an acoustic guitar in his bedroom.”

For help in reshaping and expanding his sound, Hires reunited with Eric Rosse (producer on Take Us To The Start, as well as Tori Amos’s Little Earthquakes and Grammy-nominated Under the Pink). To shake up his song-crafting approach, he also teamed up with songwriters like Alex Dezen (singer/guitarist for The Damnwells) and Busbee (who’s previously worked with artists ranging from Kid Cudi and Katy Perry to Liz Phair and Lady Antebellum). “When you get into a groove with another songwriter, it’s the most fun thing in the world,” says Hires. “With every co-write I’ve done, I’ve taken away something from my collaborators and used that to develop my own writing.”

Right from the opening track, the album radiates with a shimmering intensity that reflects both sophistication in songwriting and purity of spirit. Pairing tender harmonies with tense, urgent strings, “Forever” captures the bittersweet longing to freeze time and preserve a perfect moment with the one you love (“I wish that we could lay right here and never think about our fears forever,” sings Hires). On the flipside of that starry-eyed love song is “Restless Heart,” a bright and bouncy folk-pop pastiche fueled by chiming guitars and a barrage of kiss-off lyrics (“Pretty girls come from the ugliest places/You come from the worst of them all/Heartbreakers like you are hard to erase/You lift me up just so I’ll fall”). “It’s about a girl most of us have met, the heartbreaker who wants to get you to fall for her and then just move on to the next guy,” explains Hires of “Restless Heart, an ultimately triumphant track featuring “I won’t let you break my heart” as its coda. “It’s sort of an anti-love-song, telling that girl ‘You’re not gonna get it from me,’” he adds.

Road to Hangout Fest Free Concert SeriesElsewhere on the album, Hires takes on weightier material while maintaining a defiantly hopeful mood. On the slow-building, piano-laced epic “I Am Not Here,” for instance, he sorrowfully serenades “ex-girlfriends and kids with guns” before acknowledging that “Things are getting better/Better late than never.” (“That’s a searching sort of song,” says Hires. “It’s for anyone trying to figure out where they fit into the world.”) And on “When I Was Young” (“the best song I’ve ever written,” according to Hires), he turns a melancholy, midtempo melody into a soaring tribute to reclaiming youthful optimism and “living this life like I’m never gonna die.”

For Hires, striking the balance between heady emotionalism and killer hooks stemmed in part from years of studying a diversity of songwriting styles. “When I was 16 and first started writing songs, I was mostly into bands like Dashboard Confessional and all their angsty songs about falling in love and getting your heart broken,” says Hires, who learned to play music on a handmade guitar given to him by his father. “From there I moved on to the musicians who influenced the artists I loved, which is how I discovered Bob Dylan, especially his early acoustic solo work.”

An ardent fan of legendary songsmiths like The Beatles, The Byrds, and Tom Petty, Hires also found inspiration in the earnest, earthy alt-rock of contemporary artists like Wilco and Coldplay. He channeled that inspiration into his first band, Brer, then struck out on his own as a solo artist—and, at age 23, released his first album for F-Stop/Atlantic Records. Shooting to the top 10 on iTunes’ overall “Top Singer/Songwriters Albums” chart, Take Us To The Start instantly announced Hires as an uncommonly authentic pop-rock phenom.

It wasn’t until recently that a happy accident led Hires to explore his poppier side. “About a year ago, the CD player in my car broke, so I started listening to a lot of pop radio,” says Hires, who identifies himself as a newfound fan of Bruno Mars. “From there I began to incorporate some of those pop elements into my own songs, like those simple and catchy melodies.”

But no matter how melodic and tuneful the tracks on the new album, Hires remains first and foremost devoted to infusing his songs with an unwavering honesty. “I always go into it thinking that I just want to write the best song that I can,” he says. “I just do my best to let a song be what it wants to be, rather than try to force it into something that isn’t genuine.” And as he continues to hone his songwriting chops, Hires adds, upholding that genuineness becomes more and more empowering. “It’s scary to tell the truth in your lyrics, to get up and sing about things that you’re afraid to talk about in the day to day,” he says. “But the more songs I write, the more honest I’m able to be. And as long as I do this on my own terms, I know I’ll be able to keep on telling stories and making something meaningful with my music.”

Source: MTV.com


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Apr 252013
Royal Teeth

Royal Teeth on Dangerbird Records, hail from Louisiana. Part of 92ZEW Free Concert Series at The Hangout Sunday, April 27

Royal Teeth’s six members come from three cities across Southern Louisiana, a state known for its colossal musical output over the centuries. Now residing in New Orleans, their beat-centric sound is a technicolor addition to the legacy of Louisiana. The band could not be happier with their new home at Dangerbird, saying, “We are beyond excited to be a part of the Dangerbird family. It feels great to be part of a team that we know really cares and wants to see us succeed. We look forward to an amazing year!”

Of the signing, CEO and Founder of Dangerbird Records, Jeff Castelaz shares, “I love New Orleans. My wife, Jo Ann Thrailkill, is from there, and we spend a lot of time in the city. For years, I’ve wanted to sign a band from New Orleans — to raise the Dangerbird flag there, to show our solidarity with the city.” Castalez continues, “On Halloween night, we got invited to see this band Royal Teeth at a little venue just outside the French Quarter. As soon as they hit the stage I got that special feeling inside, and I knew they were the band that would allow us to put our stamp on the city’s musical lineage.”

Since that game-changing Halloween night, Royal Teeth has taken Louisiana by storm. Not only have they played packed shows in New Orleans and Lafayette, the latter of which saw the band sharing a bill with Mute Math, but they’ve also spread their reach to cities such NYC for last year’s CMJ Festival, This winter the band won Nikon’s “Creative Invite”, awarding them a free trip to Austin for SXSW where they performed alongside Fun. Playing an additional two showcases, Royal Teeth also secured the attention of CNN at SXSW who stumbled upon the band courtesy of Twitter, the discovery resulting in a special session for CNN.com.

On, Act Naturally, the vocal duo of Gary Larsen and Nora Patterson provide heartfelt lyrics as the musicians travel through lavish, synth-infused soundscapes, boasting a brand all to itself that’s not quite “dance pop” and not quite electronic. Leadoff track “Wild” finds Patterson’s crystalline vocal hooks bounding in joyous romps over Larsen’s grounded narrative. The tune starts the EP like a warning siren, and it doesn’t let go from there. The catchy tune gained rapid traction in early 2012 launching Royal Teeth into the spotlight as the song found its way into a Canadian Buick Commercial in addition to Fox featuring the song in its winter promotion.

Also on the EP is the band’s bold rendition of The Knife’s 2003 hit “Heartbeats” which sounds like a long-lost New Wave hit from the early ’80s, bubbling over with dance floor pulses and thick kick drum echoes. Royal Teeth effortlessly makes this familiar song its own without having to radically reinvent the style of the track or jeopardize the character of the band.


Free Download

source: MTV


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Apr 172013
hangout-2013-kickoffThursday night’s kick-off concert at the Hangout includes: Umphrey’s McGee, Benny Benassi, Dylan Francis, Lotus, Railroad Earth, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, Conspirator and more.

92ZEW listeners are winning tickets to the kick-off concert when they qualify in the Row in Front of the Front Row Contest, so get to listening and qualifying. You could ultimately win a new Nikon J3 camera from Calagaz and a spot in the photo press pit right in front of the bands and of course weekend passes to one of the best music festivals in the world!




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Apr 052013

Mulligan Brothers live at Moe's 2nd 2sday of AprilGet your music-loving friends together for another edition of 2nd 2sday, spotlighting the locals. This time out, it’s the Mulligan Brothers, live at Moe’s Original BBQ, downtown.
As always, a free, all-ages show with live simulcast at 7pm, on the radio and online at 92zew.net or tuneinradio.com.



[event post_id="25415"][/event]

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Mar 232013

The Saturday events for the 4th Annual Dauphin Island Gumbo Festival are scheduled to proceed despite a rainy forecast. The pre-sale ticket price of $12 extended through Saturday. The event is being rebranded as “The Dauphin Island Gumbo and Weather Festival.”

Live music from Marc Broussard, Bonerama, Ryan Balthrop.

Event organizers developed a back-up staging plan utilizing the covered area at the Rodeo headquarters and several very large tents. In the event of incoming severe weather, scheduled performance times may be delayed or accelerated. A final decision for staging and music line-up times will be made early on Saturday Morning.

The Gumbo cook-off and tasting will proceed at the scheduled time of 11am-2pm. All cooking teams have been contacted and are still excited to cook- even if it is in the rain.

All other festival activities will go on at the regularly scheduled times

Alabama Gulf Seafood Tasting Tour

Visit Island restaurants during the designated times on the tasting tour and receive a free sample of their Alabama Gulf Seafood specialty. Free and open to the public. *While samples last*

Saturday 12-6 pm -Skinners Seafood (1100 Bienville)

Saturday 1-4 pm -Lighthouse Bakery (919 Chaumant)

Saturday 3-5 pm -JT’s Sunset Grill (1102 Desoto Ave)

Saturday 8-10 pm- Bienville Bar & Grill (1614 Bienville) * Live Music with Justin Fobes

Saturday 4-6 pm- Dauphin Island Chevron & Grill (1000 Bienville)

Sunday 3-5pm- Islanders Restaurant (1504 Bienville) * Live Music with Brett LaGrave

Sunday 1-4 pm -Dauphin Island BBQ (906 Bienville)

Sunday 11-5 pm- West End Beach Party- (West end of Bienville)

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Mar 182013

Mobile County Commission tells us the western railroad crossing at Wilson Road and Cemetery Road in Wilmer will be closed from 7 a.m., on Tuesday, March 19, 2013, to 5 p.m., on Wednesday, March 20, 2013. The closure is due to the replacement of tracks by Canadian National Railroad. Motorists are asked to be cautious and to take alternate routes. Detour signs will be posted.

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Mar 182013

Depeche Mode - Delta MachineOne of the most popular electronic music and melody makers of the last two decades, Depeche Mode, returns with a tour and new album, ‘Delta Machine’ (available March 26). Listen to the first sample of the record below, take the poll.

The Delta Machine World Tour, appropriately enough, launches in Detroit,  August 22.  The closest to our area is Atlanta, September 12.

Itinerary and Advance Ticket Info.
Delta Machine (Deluxe Edition) on Amazon
Check out their March 11 appearance on David Letterman here.

[display_podcast][polldaddy poll=6971487]

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Mar 162013

(Video attached) National recording artist from Nashville, Moon Taxi, rolls onto the Gulf Shores beaches after their SXSW stint,  for a three-night stand of free shows at the Hangout (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday). There’s also a chance to win a Meet ‘n’ Eat with the band from the Hangout and Meyer Vacation Rentals. 2une in to The ZEW for your chance to win during the afternoon drive with Lee Ann Waterrs.  Listen to 92ZEW for more details.

This Nashville artist wowed crowds at Hangout Festival, Bonnaroo and when they opened for Matisyahu in Mobile. If you like music, you’ll love this band and it looks like music critics agree:

“Moon Taxi’s comfort zone appears to be in constant exploration on Cabaret, an overwhelming lyrical and musical success.” -Relix

“A band you should listen to now” Paste

“With a broad arsenal of appealing sonic characteristics, the band is poised to infiltrate a diverse range of music scenes.” -Blue Ridge Outdoors

“4 1/2 of 5 Stars. Moon Taxi is a band that can really craft a song, understands arrangements and composition, and maintains artistic integrity. It’s not much of a stretch to think these guys could blow up and enjoy popular and critical success in 2012.”-Glide Magazine

“There are few young bands out there brimming over with this level of talent” -Jambase

“Moon Taxi is their own element, and have completely developed their own incredible distinct sound.” -Musicwithoutlabels.com

The Hangout
Meyer Real Estate and Vacation Rentals


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