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The only married morning duo in Mobile makes things a little more interesting, especially when disagreements happen.

Tim and Lee Ann Camp (get it ‘TLC in the Morning”)  have both had a life-long passion for music and radio, so it would make perfect sense the two would end up together.  They’ve been married nearly ten years and had their first kiss at Saints game in the New Orleans Superdome (the one where Joe Horn calls his Mom in the endzone).

Tim is originally from Mobile and has lived here  most of his life.  Of course there were the excursions to college, Birmingham, Atlanta, Detroit. But eventually he made his way back to Mobile and is now Operations Manager, co-owner, Director of Programming, Chief (and only) Engineer….. of Sports Radio WNSP and 92ZEW.

Lee Ann was raised in St. Clair County, MI.  Made the move to Detroit metro for broadcast degree.  Various jobs to survive including promotions/DJ at one of the area’s best known concert halls, The Ritz and a stint at radio station 102.7, ZRock.  The beach called saying ‘Come on Down’ so she did. Plus her sister’s lived in Gulf  Shoes for many years. She loves Mobile, the Beach, the History, Mardi Gras and of course, working at the best station in the world, 92ZEW.
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Jul 272012
New Mentors on The Voice

Rob Thomas & Billie Jo Armstrong both announced they’ll be joining the NBC show.

Jul 122012
Gotye donates music to fight world hunger

gotye’s song ‘Eyes Wide Open’ will be used in commercials for the ’40 Hour Famine to end world hunger’ campaign of the World Vision Organization.

Jul 112012
Rock 'n Roll History notes & birthdays - July 11

Birthday celebraters today include Weezer bassist, Heather Locklear’s ex, and the Godfather of Goth. History notes on this day rock star becomes designer, Rust Never Sleeps debut, surgery woes for R.E.M. and Pink Floyd co-founder dies.

Jul 112012
Coldplay, Kirk Hammett at Comic Con

Adventuring into the book world, Coldplay will show off their new comic book series. Metallica’s Kirk Hammett also at Comic Con with a new book.

Jul 102012
3:30 Theme Park Challenge - July 10

Can you guess the common theme?
Pink Floyd ‘Shine on you Crazy Diamond’
Dave Matthews Band ‘Two Step’
Grateful Dead ‘Shakedown Street’

Jul 062012
Rock N Roll History and Birthdays - July 6

happy birthday to the guy who composed ‘Duke of Earl’, former prez Bush, Rocky and everyone else. Things that happened, we lost infamous musician Satchmo, fans arrested at Nugent show in Florida & Tammy Wynette got a man to stand by.

May 012012

Tuesday, May 1st  Sonny James (singer) is 83 – Elected into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2006   Judy Collins (singer) is 73 – From Seattle, Washington   Rita Coolidge (singer) is 67 [...]

Apr 102012
New CD Releases April 10

Finally, we can get the debut from Scars on 45 and Alabama Shakes. Also on sale today, Bonnie Raitt, Counting Crows, Mickey Hart Band and Florence + the Machine unplugged.

Mar 162012
Music Notes: Black Keys, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Corgan

Patrick Carney says “perfectly sequenced, perfectly written, perfectly performed by machines;” while Billy Corgan thinks “Posers have taken over the world”. Meanwhile, back in Austin, the Boss reflects on rock and roll history.

Feb 132012
Fresh Hangout Fest Pics

Some most excellent shots just uploaded Hangout Festival 2011. Taken by Lee Ann’s Detroit photographer friend Steve Galli.

 Posted by on February 13, 2012
Feb 022012
Lee Anndroid

Another fun Google app on android, Androidify.

 Posted by on February 2, 2012
Jan 162012
Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes, Trivia & Songs

In honor of MLK Day, here’s some motivating/inspirational quotes and some intriguing trivia (did you know he quit high school? To go to College!!). And here’s the Google Doodle for the day too.

 Posted by on January 16, 2012
Dec 152011
Clash Bassist Clashes with Oil Rig, Gets Himself Arrested

Paul Simonen “we stormed the oil rig and went to the office to ask what their oil spill response plan was. They basically said if you don’t get off the oil rig, then we will phone the authorities in Greenland and say you’ve hijacked the oil rig, and the police will come and arrest you. And that’s pretty much what happened.”

 Posted by on December 15, 2011
Dec 022011
Flying Cars Almost Here

No, it’s not a new band name or an offshoot of the Blue Angels, really, cars that fly!

 Posted by on December 2, 2011