3:30 Theme Park

WEB - 330 theme park with river shackWeekdays at 3:30 turn your radio up and your ears on to play 3:30 Theme Park with Gene Murrell.

Three songs that are linked, somehow, someway. First right answer wins a new CD and giftcard to The River Shack, plus title of Smartest in Lower Alabama!

Game On!

3:30 Theme Park Challenge

Guess the connection: 1. Dire Straits “Industrial Disease

2. NeedtoBreathe “Washed by the Water”

3. Oasis “Don’t Look Back in Anger”

3:30 Theme Park – February 6

The Shins ‘Simple Song’
Radiohead ‘House of Cards’
Flaming Lips ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah song’
Buddy Mizell is the smartest in Lower Alabama today, congratulations to our longtime listener.

3:30 Theme Park – February 1

Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Snow (Hey Oh)’
Bob Marley ‘Three Little Birds’
Vampire Weekend ‘Holiday’
Congrats Mitch Crigler, who gets the trophy for smartest in lower Alabam

3:30 Theme Park – January 16

  • JXL vs Elvis Presley ‘Little Less Conversation;’
  • Cake ‘Never There’ ;
  • BB King/Clapton ‘Riding with the King';
  • Ellis Tassmore – WINNER !

    3:30 Theme Park – Jan 2

    NeedtoBreathe ‘Washed by the Water’

    Willie Nelson, Norah Jones “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

    Jimi Hendrix “Three Little Bears”