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Mar 262013
Hangout Festival Artist Delta Rae New Video

Hangout Festival 2013 artist Delta Rae’s latest single features Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham. The video for the tune was debuted today online via Rolling Stone magazine. (watch below)

Mar 132013
Today's the Anniversary of the First Rock 'n' Roll Album Release

(Video) – Join Chief cook and bottle washer Pablo today in the Gumbo Shop for a rather interesting hour of tribute tunes on the Anniversary of the release of Elvis Presley, his debut album on RCA Records (March 23, 1956). For a smile, check out the video below of a two year old’s excellent Elvis impersonation.

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Mar 122013
Three Songs, One Theme, What Is It?

1. Jack Johnson ‘Gone’
2. Jim James ‘New Life’
3. Phillip Phillips ‘Home’
Kudos Tracey Hill of Midtown Mobile, Smartest in Lower Alabama for today ;-)

Mar 112013
3:30 Theme Park Songs 3/11/2013
  1. Jerry Lee Lewis ‘Great Balls of Fire’
  2. Paul Simon ‘Boy in the Bubble’
  3. Matt Costa ‘Witchcraft’

Congrats Kathryn B. of Mobile, first one in with the right answer today!

Mar 072013
3:30 Theme Park Today, March 7

Aerosmith ‘Draw the Line’
NeedtoBreathe ‘The Outsiders’
Neil Young ‘Downtown’
Props to Zac B., today’s Smartest in Lower Alabama

Mar 042013
Top 100 New Songs Airing on 92ZEW

92ZEW New Music Chart for the week of February 26, 2013. Here’s a list of over one hundred new tunes played in the last seven days on the 92ZEW radio [...]

Feb 252013
3:30 Theme Park Challenge for Monday, February 25
  1. Simon & Garfunkel ‘the Boxer’
  2. Modest Mouse ‘Float On’
  3. Black Crowes ‘Sting Me’

Kudos Chris Rogers of Loxley who truly earns the title of ‘Smartest in Lower Alabama’ with today’s tricky dickey theme.

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Feb 182013
3:30 Theme Park songs February 18, 2013

Three songs, One theme. What is it? Old 97′s ‘New Kid’ Live ‘I Walk the Line’ Beatles ‘Money’ TO SEE ANSWER HOVER with MOUSE  Congrats Beverly S. of Mobile who [...]

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Feb 142013
Phoenix is Bankrupt!

Phoenix released the full details of their new album, Bankrupt!, which arrives in stores on April 23rd. This marks the French indie rockers’ fifth studio album and will feature the [...]

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Jan 142013
3:30 Theme Park Songs for Friday, January 11

Congrats Bridgette Schatzman, smartest in Lower Alabama today. For being the first person to get the right answer Bridgette scored a $20 giftcard to the Catfish Shack and the smoking [...]

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Jan 132013
3:30 Theme Park - January 16

Hover over (or click) picture for answer. Answer Different Kings (king of pop, king cake, king of blues) Sponsor: The River Shack How to Play: Guess the connection, or common [...]

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Dec 072012
92ZEW's Annual Holiday 2nd 2sday Jam

Join the ZEW Krewe and Mobile Musical Friends for our Annual 2nd 2sday Holiday Jam at the Shed on the 2nd Tuesday of December (Dec 11). THE office party for music fans. Bring food to for Bay Area Food Bank.

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Dec 062012
Songs of the 3:30 Theme Park game December 6

Today’s three tunes:
Jack White ‘Trash Tongue Talker’
Fun ‘Some Nights’
Black Keys ‘Lonely Boy’
congrats Laura S. who was the first to correctly identify the common link.

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Nov 152012
3:30 Theme Park songs for November 15
  • Wallflowers ‘Lawyers Guns and Money’
  • Rolling Stones ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’
  • Bruce Springsteen ‘Pay Me My Money Down’
  • Congrats Candace Harris, quickest one in with the right connection. Sponsored in part by the Catfish Shack.

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    Nov 122012
    92ZEW presents Mark Pfaff & Friends for 2nd 2sday

    The ZEW’s monthly local music spotlight at the Shed Blues & BBQ. Mark Pfaff is bringing some old friends you might know. Ricky Long, Bud Smith, Sam Baylor and maybe even Tim Camp. — No Cover + All Ages + Live Simulcast.

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    Oct 302012
    3:30 Theme Park songs for October 30

    Beck ‘Devil’s Haircut’
    Smashing Pumpkins ‘Tonight tonight’
    Jimi Hendrix ‘Fire’
    Congrats Lisa Fisher get’s the pretend trophy for Smartest in Lower Alabama today!

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    Oct 292012
    3:30 Theme Park songs for October 29

    Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Snow (Hey oh)’
    Garbage ‘Only Happy when it Rains’
    Jimi Hendrix ‘The Wind Cries Mary’
    Congrats Jeremy Crutchfield, first one with the right answer of what the common link is.

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    Oct 202012
    92ZEW presents The Sheepdogs for a Free Show

    Catch this Rolling Stone cover story band while you can, especially for free. The Canadian band wraps up their US Tour here in Mobile and this is their only ‘free show’ that we know of. So check ‘em while you can.

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    Oct 192012
    October 19 songs for the 3:30 Theme Park with videos

    Congrats Bridge Schatzman, smartest in Lower Alabama today who connected the three songs.

  • Cat Power ‘New York’
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr ‘We Almost Lost Detroit’
  • J Geils Band ‘Detroit Breakdown’
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    Oct 112012
    3:30 Theme Park songs for October 11

    Congrats Jim Langley of Daphne, the Smartest in Lower Alabama today, was the first person to ascertain what the three songs’ common denominator is. Can You?

    • Bonnie Raitt ‘Something to Talk About’
    • Jeff Healey Band ‘Angel Eyes’
    • John Hiatt ‘My Old Friend’
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    Oct 102012
    Listen to the brand new Rolling Stones song here, tell us your thoughts

    To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the band, The Rolling Stones are rolling out a greatest hits collective in November with, of course, a couple new tunes. ‘Doom and Gloom’ is the first single, produced by Jeff Bhasker and Don Was.
    Take a listen now and lend your critic voice.

     Posted by on October 10, 2012
    Oct 092012
    New ZEW artist Milo Greene featured in USA Today

    Milo Greene, the Los Angeles quintet coming to Mobile for a 92ZEW Free Show was just featured in USA Today: On the Verge with Indie band Milo Greene. The article also debuts the new film companion to Milo Greene’s debut self-titled album .

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    Oct 032012
    3:30 Theme Park songs October 3

    Congrats Jess Stombaugh of Mobile — ‘Smartest in Lower Alabama’
    1. Dave Matthews Band ‘Ants Marching’
    2. The Killers ‘All These Things that I’ve Done’
    3. Grayson Capps ‘Old Slac’

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    Sep 242012
    Fun. says "Carry On" for next single

    “I’m excited about the video because we’re not doing anything groundbreaking, but steak isn’t groundbreaking either.” says frontman Nate Reuss

     Posted by on September 24, 2012
    Sep 142012
    3:30 Theme Park songs of Sept. 12

    Christie Atkinson of Saraland is the winner today. Here’s the songs:

  • North Mississippi Allstars ‘Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
  • Derek Trucks Band ‘Down in the Flood’
  • Bob Dylan ‘Lovesick’
  •  Posted by on September 14, 2012
    Sep 132012

    Hangout Fest alum Cee Lo Green is already in the Christmas spirit and almost ready to roll out a full length album of Holiday favorites called ‘Cee Lo’s Magic Moment’.

     Posted by on September 13, 2012