Listen to Mulligan Brothers New Music/Interview with Catt Sirten

The Mulligan Brothers are: Ross Newell (lead vocals, guitar, and songwriting); Greg DeLuca (drums and vocals); Ben Leininger (bass and vocals); Gram Rea (fiddle, mandolin, viola, harmonica and vocals).  Pic by Michelle Carol Stancil
The Mulligan Brothers are: Ross Newell (lead vocals, guitar, and songwriting); Greg DeLuca (drums and vocals); Ben Leininger (bass and vocals); Gram Rea (fiddle, mandolin, viola, harmonica and vocals). Pic by Michelle Carol Stancil

Mobile’s own Mulligan Brothers traveled across the country, from the Southeast to the Northwest, to record their sophomore album “Via Portland.”

92ZEW’s Catt Sirten debuted some of the new tracks alongside an interview with the band on Radio Avalon, which you can hear below.

The band is really gaining traction nationwide and will undoubtedly shift it up a few gears with this new record “via Portland”.

Why “Via Portland?”  – The band traveled to Portland to record the new record with legendary producer, Steve Berlin, who’s produced the likes of R.E.M. Faith No More, John Lee Hooker, Sheryl Crow, etc.  Ross Newell  (lead vocals, gtr),  says that somehow Berlin heard their debut, liked it, and offered to produce their sophomore album.

Influences? “The cliche songwriters most songwriters cite, Bob Dylan, CSNY, the Guthries, etc.  Modern influences include Josh Ritter, Jason Isbell and too many more to name.” says Newell.

Some call their music folksy, Americana, singer/songwriter. Newell calls it honest. “I like to make music I can identify with. Then I’ll never need to fake it.”

Check it yourself and get more answers about Mulligan Brothers’ new album, background and more.
Click to Listen

Watch Catt’s interview:

Get more of the Mulligan Brothers on their revamped website.

Mulligan Brothers at The Hangout 92ZEW's Countdown to Hangout Fest 2014.  Pic by Michelle Stancil, MCS Pix
Mulligan Brothers at The Hangout 92ZEW’s Countdown to Hangout Fest 2014. Pic by Michelle Stancil, MCS Pix
Ross Newell, Mulligan Brothers (pic by Michelle Carroll Stancil)
Ross Newell, Mulligan Brothers (pic by Michelle Carroll Stancil)




Hangout Music Festival 2014 Gallery

92ZEW / Hangout Radio Backstage Hangout Music Festival 2014 – Pictures, Videos
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Avett Brothers Interview

Hangout Festival 2014

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92ZEW's Gene Murrell and Matty of the 1975

Click to Play Interview

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Bastille Interview

Hangout Festival 2014

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Matt and Kim interview with Pablo

Coca-Cola Ahhh Oasis

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Desert Noises Interview with Gene

Hangout Festival 2014

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Valerie June Interview

Hangout Festival 2014

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Gulf Shores Mayor Robert Craft

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SHOCKER! Sudden Winners of Comp Tix

from Coca Cola & 92ZEW

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Another Coca-Cola Instant Winner

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Ozomatli Interview with Lee Ann

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Hangout Music Festival 2014

Black Keys, Jack Johnson, The Killers, Outkast, Pretty Lights, Queens of the Stone Age, The Avett Brothers, Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips, Trombone Shorty, the 1975, Bastille, Click here to watch and hear backstage interviews/performances with Avett Brothers, 1975, Matt & Kim, Bastille, Ozomatli, Jamestown Revival and more
Underhill Family Orchestra on stage Hangout Festival (pic by Johnny Gwinn)
Hangout Music Festival 2014
Hangout Festival 2014
getting ready....
another great skyshot Hangout Festival (thanks Angel's Touch)
ALO performs backstage Hangout Fest 2014 with 92
Coca-Cola and 92ZEW Ticket Winners to Hangout Festival 2014
Underhill Family Orchestra - Countdown to Hangout Festival 2014 (photo by: Stephanie Drake)
Sunset Hangout Festival by Gulf Shores PD
Hangout Festival
Avett Brothers 'upgrade' - Hangout Fest 2014
Ozomatli - Coca-Cola winners and Lee Ann, Hangout Fest 2014
Balkan Beat Box Band with Pablo, Hangout Festival 2014
Winners who met Capital Cities, Hangout Festival 2014
Hangout Radio 2014, Tony & Pablo with Johnathan of Jamestown Revival
ALO Hangout Festival 2014 - Zach Gill, Lee Ann (92ZEW), Lebo, Steve Adams
Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips
Underhill Family Orchestra - Countdown to Hangout Festival 2014 (photo: Stephan
Ozomatli at Coca-Cola Ah Oasis
Fitz and a Tantrums, Hangout Radio 2014 backstage
Hangout Music Festival 2014
Gary Clark Jr. and Pablo, Hangout Festival 2014
Bastille Hangout Festival 2014
The 1975 backstage Hangout Festival 2014 with Lee Ann
NeedtoBreathe w/ZEW - Tony (zew)
Tony interviewing on Hangout Radio backstage
Underhill Family Orchestra - Countdown to Hangout Festival 2014
Bastille frontman/founder Dan Smith, Hangout Festival 2014
Winner of some cool ZEW Swag at Hangout Festival 2014
Bastille, Hangout Festival 2014
Bastille meets their rotten Idol - during an interview with Bastille backstage at Hangout Festival 2014. Click to read the story, watch the video.
Bastille Chevy Stage
Paul Janeway, St. Paul & the Broken Bones
People at Hangout Festival 2014
Underhill Family Orchestra - Countdown to Hangout Festival 2014 (photo by: Stephanie Drake)
Going to the chapel....
Fitz and the Tantrums backstage Hangout Festival 2014
The Volks, Reach for the Beach to play Hangout Fest 2014 (photo: Stephanie Drake)
Nikki Neville jammin' with Dumpstaphunk
Bastille with Lee Ann Hangout Music Festival 2014
Gene Murrell & Ingrid Michaelson
Underhill Family Orchestra - Countdown to Hangout Festival 2014 (photo by: Stephanie Drake)
Matt and Kim greet winners in the Coca-Cola Ahh Oasis, Hangout Festival 2014
Coca-Cola and 92ZEW's Once in a Lifetime Experiences - Hangout Festival Winners of ZEW Swag
Fitz and the Tantrums - Mike Fitzpatrick, Noelle Scaggs - Hangout Radio
Avett Brothers backstage outside 92ZEW at Hangout Festival 2014 (uploaded by The Avett Brothers )
Fitz and the Tantrums crowd - Hangout Festival 2014
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NEEDTOBREATHE Interview and Performance

Bastille reveals their biggest influence is Rodney Rotten & the Psychedelic Love Sponge, William grew up in a very small village; Valerie June tell us about her suitcase named Al and playing with Buddy Miller; and more. Pictures shared and videos below.  Share some of yours too, and your cool highlights. EMail Here.  Make sure you tag @92ZEW when you’re sharing on 92ZEW App,  Twitter and Facebook and fanfollow us while you’re at it. Check back for updates and have a great summer.

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Thank you to our sponsors for being a part of another amazing Hangout Music Festival experience and supporting our backstage broadcast.




Delbert McClinton Talks Music and Memories with Tim Camp – Listen Here

delbertmcclinton12-x600Delbert McClinton and Jimmy Hall and Friends are performing at the Dauphin Island Seagrass Series September 21st, 2013. More details Here.

“Music’s always been a dominant force for me.”


Delbert McClinton’s been doing the blues for quite a many years. Playing behind some of the original players like Lightnin’ Hopkins and Sonny Boy Williams while he was in the Straitjackets. Delbert says he ‘was in the right place at the right time, that’s where and when and what I learned, and still do” He says he loves all kinds of music including music from the 30’s and 40’s, the swing music and that stuff. It that just warms him and takes him back to his childhood, growing up in the 40’s with war music. “Music’s always been a dominant thing for me.”

Delbert McClinton The Beatles
Delbert McClinton with the Beatles, before they were big stars. Lennon learned about harmonica playing from Delbert.

Delbert relayed a childhood memory from Armistice day: “I had a wonderful childhood, but we didn’t have any money, but I didn’t know that, I didn’t care. I remember Armistice Day when everyone was so excited about the end of the war. I was sitting on the porch with my grandmother and a soldier came by, stopped, took off his tie and gave it to me and kept walking. At that time my Dad was in a military hospital because he broke his back. Momma and I went to Louisiana to the military base. People were in tents, armed guards everywhere and German prisoners of war. I was just a kid, didn’t really know what was going on, but it was exciting and the memory still stays.”

One of Delbert’s recent releases ‘Acquired Taste’ does have that upbeat, positive swinging influence. He reunited with his songwriting partner of the 70’s, Glen Clark, to record the latest album. It took about ten days to record and mix the record in California, but it just did not sound right. So they all went to Mexico for a week to write some more, returned to the studio and recorded the album in two days.

Delbert says he always enjoyed writing with Glen, swapping ideas and learning more about songwriting. One of the big things he learned is “not to be afraid to be humbled.” His lyrics are more on the upbeat positive side because he hates sad endings and songs without hope.

seagrass-concert series september 21Tim and Delbert joked about the folks that have “too much stuff,” Delbert described some of the things he has that aren’t needed, like old hotel keys, enough ‘to build a three room house’.

The 72 year old life-long musician says he’s now at the age where he doesn’t make music to try to impress anyone, he just does it for the love of music.

Hear more about Delbert’s songwriting process, working with Glenn and his roots in the blues in the above player.


#Hangoutfest Video Backstage – Sheepdogs Unplugged Performance and Interview

Beautiful harmonies from the Sasketchewan band who are loving the beach,

We find out about their amazing experiences touring the world and recording some Elvis songs in legenday Sun Studios for CBC (Canadian Broadcast Company).

Sheepdogs perform live on the air with ZEW Krewe and winners of backstage meet n greet from ZEW and #CokeZero

The Sheepdogs perfrom “I Don’t Get By” on 92 ZEW at HangOut Fest 2013 – YouTube.

Sheepdogs performing ‘How Late, How Long’


Sheepdogs with Shane, Lee Ann & James at #HangoutFest
Sheepdogs with Shane, Lee Ann & James at #HangoutFest
Sheepdogs with Shane, Lee Ann & James at #HangoutFest
Sheepdogs with Shane, Lee Ann & James at #HangoutFest
Sheepdogs with 92ZEW #CokeZero onsite winners
Sheepdogs with 92ZEW #CokeZero onsite winners
Sheepdogs perform live on the air with ZEW Krewe and winners of backstage meet n greet from ZEW and #CokeZero
Sheepdogs perform live on the air with ZEW Krewe and winners of backstage meet n greet from ZEW and #CokeZero

Michael Franti debuted new song at #HangoutFest 2012 Listen Now

Franti1 HangoutFest 2012Michael Franti dropped by the ZEW backstage lounge (after being awarded the key to the city for his relentless encouragementto play a couple tunes and chat with the new love of his life. The two songs are brand new and according to Franti, the first time they’ve ever appeared on radio.


Catching up with North Mississippi Allstars

North Mississippi Allstars perform Saturday night at Soul Kitchen, Mobile  (via
North Mississippi Allstars perform Saturday night at Soul Kitchen, Mobile (via
Luther tells us of exciting adventures in the future with Allman Bros’ Butch Trucks and Oteil Burbridge, Lightnin’ Malcolm joining the band, and performing NMA songs with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra among other things. Listen and read about the interview.

It’s always delightful to chat with Luther Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars and learning what the now famed band and members have been doing and what’s coming in the future.
During the conversation, Luther reminded me how long I’ve known and seen them. From my tending bar days at SouthSide Music Hall around 1998 (later became Soul Kitchen & Alabama Music Box), to interviewing this “new” band backstage Bonnaroo 2004, to numerous interviews and shows, including tonight’s gig at Soul Kitchen.

North Mississippi Allstars promo pic, circa 1997 (
North Mississippi Allstars promo pic, circa 1997 (

Since then, among other projects, the band has backed John Hiatt for his Master of Disaster record and tour, formed another All Starr band with Robert Randolph and John Medeski called ‘The Word’, and recently joined the Memphis Symphony Orchestra for a symphonic performance of North Mississippi Allstars songs (which Luther discusses below).  Luther was recently named one of the new guitar gods by Rolling Stone magazine and was asked to join the Black Crowes for several albums.

Roots Rock Revival CampOn Friday, Luther told us about Lightnin’ Malcolm sitting in for Chris Chew, who’s been having some health issues but stays with the band as their bus driver;  his and brother Cody’s next big exciting adventure with Allman Brothers’ Butch Trucks and Oteil Burbridge for the Roots Rock Revival Camp in upstate New York, where they’ll teach and jam with aspiring musicians about the craft; the unforgettable night with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra; and his oilcan guitar.

Here’s what he said:


Well doggonit, the audio file appears to be missing. Check back later after we contact the authorities about the situation ;-)


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92ZEW Presents Trombone Shorty and Bonerama Tonight, Hear the ZEW interview with Shorty

Trombone Shorty live at Hangout Festival 2011 (Steve Galli)

We’re thrilled to have NOLA legends in town for the Mardi Gras season, kicking off tonight with Trombone Shorty and Bonerama at Soul Kitchen. Listen to our interviews with Shorty where we chat about Kid Rock (revealing what kind of person he really is), acting on Treme, the Trombone Shorty Foundation and hurricanes.

This interview was from last year. The one from two days ago will be uploaded soon, so check back.

We chatted about working with Kid Rock on new album and starring in Treme (HBO show takes place in NOLA Treme area right after Katrina).



Watch the Video of Delta Rae’s performance in the 92ZEW Lounge

When the Raleigh-Durham band Delta Rae came to town for 92ZEW’s free concert series, they dropped by the ZEW lounge to entice listeners with their larger-than life sound before their gig at Soul Kitchen. And wow, no matter the circumstances, small room, big room, they stir up the rising revival energy and release it like a tasmanian devil at a riverside baptism.

The current single, the strong and mysterious ‘Bottom of the River’ came in a dream, says Eric. He got the hook and the chorus and worked with the band for the rest of the mysterious sound and lyrics. Let’s hope he has more dreams like that.



The six piece band has four lead vocalists whose harmonies could stand up to any legendary band of the past you can compare them to (Crosby, Stills, et al). Leading the vocals are Elizabeth Hopkins and siblings Brittany, Ian and Eric Hölljes. Mike McKee and Grant Emerson round it out with percussion and drums, but can also be heard lending backing vocals.

While the band is based out of North Carolina, they all came together in California. The sibings moved to Cali at a young age when their toy-inventing dad got a great job. Yep, their dad invents toys for a living, which could explain their effervescent, bubbly personalities. They said growing up was quite magical and fun. (Man can you imagine Christmas at their house?).  They were longtime friends with Elizabeth and decided to form a band with friends Mike and Grant.

More info and buy the record:


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Video – Little Feat’s Bill Payne in the ZEW Lounge

On the way to the gig at Soul Kitchen, Little Feat co-founder Bill Payne dropped by the ZEW Lounge to chat music, teach us a few things about piano and played a few tunes.

Payne said the current Little Feat lineup is basically the same as last few years: Paul Barrere, Fred Tacket, Kenny Gradney, Sam Clayton but a new drummer Gabe Ford (nephew of blues guitarist Robben Ford). Ford replaced Richie Hayward who passed away. Payne discusses the musical losses and the way the losses carry the musicians on to bring the music to the fans.

He gave the background to Oh Atlanta before playing it on piano and did a medley of sorts from the new record ‘Rooster Rag’, which is on sale now.

And what an excellent show too, pulling the fan faves out that fit comfortably with the new material.

[media id=37]

ZEW-Exclusive: new Michael Franti song, hear it now



New songs debuted during 92ZEW’s live broadcast backstage at Hangout Music Festival.

michael franti gets key to the cityYou may have noticed a couple new tunes during Franti’s Sunday set at Hangout Fest (one was when he pulled several guests on stage, including Kristy Lee). We did too, and we got to hear them again.
Following his mainstage and Shaka stage appearances (the latter he autographed copies of his new children’s book “Where in the World is Away” and received the key to the city of Gulf Shores by the Mayor), Michael dropped by the ZEW bus for an interview and debuted the two new tunes for the first time anywhere on the airwaves. He explained the song “Life is Better” was totally motivated and inspired by the love of his life, Sarrah, the beautiful woman that was by his side the whole time (sweetness gushing).
So we’ve already received a plethora of positive comments and requests to hear it again, so here ya go!

posted by: Lee Ann Waterrs


Listen to Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, backstage Hangout Festival

Edward Sharpe, Hangout Fest 2012
Edward Sharpe, Hangout Fest 2012

The 12 piece outfit dropped by with instruments in hand and did a couple tunes with 92ZEW’s Shane (we still don’t know how he fit all 12 people and equipment on the bus). Listen below, share, tell us what you think.

Their sophomore album just went on sale two days ago and is already at no. 2 on Itunes and Amazon.

More info: EdwardSharpe‘s website.


The Givers chat & sing backstage Hangout Festival


Givers hangout Fest 2012
The Givers, Chevy Stage Hangout Fest (pic by Josh Rhinehart)



The Givers chatted with Pablo about their sudden rise to fame, Hangout Fest,  and played us a song, ‘In the Meantime’. Video provided by

[jwplayer config=”cassette” mediaid=”18587″]




Backstage with Alabama Shakes at Hangout, watch video interview

[singlepic id=2903 w=320 h=240 float=left]Thanks for the helping hands & eyes. ;-)

Brittany Howard (singer, guitar) and Heath Fogg of Alabama Shakes discuss with Lee Ann Waterrs their musical influences (which might surprise you),  working with Jack White, flowers and more,

[jwplayer config=”cassette-noplaylist” mediaid=”18586″]


Stay tuned for more….


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Listen Again: 2nd 2uesday AllStar Holiday Jam

christmas 2nd tuesday all-star jamThe ZEW’s annual Christmas party for the locals featured scores of talented Mobile musicians.

They all played some unique holiday tunes with quite a few surprises, live at the Shed and simulcast live on 92 ZEW radio station.

In Order of Appearance
Roman Street + Justin Wall + Peek + Isaac + The Rez + Kyle & Karl Band + Cast of Scrooge + 12th Bar Band + Lisa Mills + Ryan Balthrop + Eric Erdman + Gene Murrell & Cast of Scrooge + Chris Spies + Corky Hughes + John Milham +  You.

As always, there were many surprises, including brand new Christmas songs from Ryan Balthrop and the 12th Bar Band, (which features Corky Hughes, Mark Pfaff, John Milham & 92ZEW’s own Tim Camp); rare appearances on stage from Isaac (formerly of WNSP), Gene Murrell singing operaticly,a children’s choir from the play Scrooge and Lee Ann even joined in for some offbeat tambourine. It was a first time for Lisa Mills, Roman Street & Justin Wall. Roman Street brought a new violinst, Molly, and Chris Spies joined several different arrangements.
Many thanks to the Shed, all the talented musicians and to Peek for, once again, backing things up. And definitely to you, the ZEW supporters who are a big part of making things happen.
If you have pics or video, feel free to share in the comments below or upload them.


ZEW interview: Anders Osborne & Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars)

north mississippi allstars live at soul kitchen - win tix and meet n greet

Hangout Festival North Mississippi Allstars are back in action and ready for another round of rousing tornadic riffs and licks, live at the Soul Kitchen this Saturday night (Dec 17) with special guests, The Weeks.

Luther Dickinson (who played with Black Crowes at Hangout as well) was in town last Saturday when he joined NOLA legend Anders Osborne for a night of funky soul rock and roll.  They dropped by the ZEW studio for a chat about how a NOLA dude teamed up with a blues dude from north Mississippi (they had mutual admiration for each other’s skills and finally got to meet during Jazz Fest), Anders’ new album on Alligator records, and is that Sonny storyline on Treme inspired by Anders’ life story?? Inquiring minds.

In case you didn’t know, North Mississippi Allstars have another collection of earthy rockin’, strong songs (first album since legendary daddy Jim Dickinson passed away) that includes a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again”. Asked why they chose that particular song, Luther told us a sweet story of his dad working a different chord arrangement to the tune while he lay in a hospital bed.  You can listen to the interview below.

More NMA news

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More ZEW Contests

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ZEW Interview – Arcade Fire at Bonnaroo

posted by Lee Ann Waterrs, 92ZEW

Bonnaroo 2011 was yet another amazing year, especially with Arcade Fire on the bill. WOW. Suburbs is my favorite album of the year, by far.

We got to sit down with drummer Jeremy Gara and talked about the background and recording of The Suburbs (Win & Will were inspired by visiting childhood haunts of Houston), the big Grammy win (his eyes just lit up, they are still so humbly happy to be chosen), the experimental HTML5 video for “We Used to Wait” and more.

It was quite an honor to interview one of my all-time favorite bands, (usually a frightening thing, because if they’re jerks, it just ruins your whole concept of the band.) But wow, the management team and Jeremy were so genuinely nice and enjoying life. He didn’t even make fun of me because I had to use Tim’s Android phone, which of course started ringing after five minutes of chatting.

Sorry about the levels, he’s a soft talker or I’m a loudmouth (btw, the Detroit me broke out toward the end of full interview;  parental advisory ;-).

Scars on 45, Laura Warshauer Live in the 92ZEW Studio Lounge

92ZEW’s Free Concert Series featured a visit from across the pond with Scars on 45, hailing from Leeds, jolly ol’ England along with Laura Warshauer, a Jersey girl who attended St. Andrews college in Scotland (with Prince William believe it or not! See previous post with Laura’s video “to Will and Kate”).
They all dropped by the ZEW Lounge for a chat and a song or two. Listen and/or watch below. Note: Listen audio is from radio feed, not camera.


[jwplayer config=”plexi” mediaid=”12671″]

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Scars on 45 Posts
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Laura Warshaur Posts
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Listen now to interview with Justin Townes Earle

Justin Townes EarleHangout Festival / Bonnaroo player Justin Townes Earle popped in the ZEW Lounge for a very fascinating chat and sing-a-long with Lee Ann Waterrs  (don’t worry, it was just Justin singing).

Discussed songwriting (“structure of a song is like a thesis, beginning, middle and an end.”); influences (Townes or Van Zandt?); guestspot alongside his dad on Treme with John Goodman –  New York / New Orleans / Nashville  & Bonnaroo / Hangout, differences; other musicians.


Unfortunately, the first part of the interview got abducted by aliens.
More than a mover of music, Earle appreciates the fashion sense too. He shared a NY place that sells unsold designer clothing etc, of decades past, the Mad Men era.
Speaking of the sbow must have sparked his memory of the place. Asked if those finds translate on stage,… naaa, not really. He always wears by Alabama designer Billy Reed clothes.

Earle recently moved from Nashville to New York, because that’s where his idol Woody Guthrie lived, but he didn’t leave Nashville completely, still has Nashville home that he visits weekly.

That’s all I got for now, thanks JT and the other JT, John Thompson, for coming in.





Leon Russell – 92ZEW Interview

Leon Russell, Gene Murrell (92ZEW)Before his show at the Saenger Theater, Leon Russell stopped by the 92zew studio for a chatwith Lee Ann Waterrs, where he discussed music, hall of fame, Elton John and more.
Listen Here: [display_podcast]