Dog Spankin’ Monkeys

Dog Spankin' Monkeys
Shed Blues & BBQ Joint (Mobile)
Sep 01, 2012 --6:00 PM
5753 Old Shell Rd --- Mobile
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The Dog Spankin Monkeys started in early 2005. The owner of a local bar in town cleverly thought of the meaningless name. To decipher its connotation is truly a futile task, so don’t try. All the band members have performed music for all of eternity in dozens of bands and still do. Most of the musicians in this band for some reason studied music formerly in schools like Berklee College of Music to acquire control of harmony but soon realized the irony of such a task. In reality, music is created not through harmonic understanding but through spontaneous inspiration… Beer tends to be what sparks this… Wherever they perform people kick, scream, yell, dance, and gossip senselessly about why these boys KICK ASS! Only by watching them perform live will you truly understand the essence of The Dog Spankin Monkeys. Go see them and trust that you will have fun. After all, isn’t that the point of music???

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