Jerry Lewis Benefit

Jerry Lewis Benefit
Dec 14, 2013 --4:00 PM

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Jerry Lewis Benefit

December 14, 2013

12 noon


3412 Pleasant Valley Road Mobile

Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich Plates $7.00

Delicious Smoked Boston Butts

Drawing for Lots of wonderful prizes!

 Drawing for a Fishing Trip with Captain Bobby Abruscato

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The Jerry Lewis Story

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Here’s the First half of Jerry’s story according to his family.

Jerry Lewis was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. He has been married to his wife Sandra Lewis for over 25 years and is a father of two. Jerry was a maintenance mechanic at the University of South Alabama Medical Center when he was injured in September 2010 while at work.

Jerry was sent to the basement of the medical center to move a file cabinet, and that day forever changed his life. What seemed to be an easy routine job was the beginning of a horrible tailspin neither he nor his family has yet to recover from. He had been employed by the hospital for 13 ½ years at the time of his injury. What would have been a very simple workers compensation injury for most of the residents of Alabama was not for Jerry. The hospital does not and is not required to carry workers compensation insurance. They are a teaching hospital and are exempt under the State of Alabama laws.

Jerry was told he had to pay all of his co-pays for his doctors visits, medicine, and anything he needed out of his pocket first, and then he would be reimbursed by the Alabama State Board of Adjustors. Jerry went to the doctor, they took him off his work schedule for what was to be a couple of weeks to give his back and neck time to heal from the injury. After a few weeks there was no improvement, so tests were ordered and performed. It was then determined that he had a very bad injury that would probably would require surgery. The doctor wanted to do a disc-a-gram to determine the exact extent of the injury to be sure. The results of this test determined he had three discs that were positive with one in the middle being negative, which meant they needed to do a disc fusion and insert cages and screws in his back.

Therefore, Jerry could not return to his job in the 90 days he had received for his FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and thus was relieved of his position of 13 ½ years and ALL of his benefits. He had to apply for disability with the Alabama Retirement system, and once approved by Alabama. he would lose his health insurance and many other things he was not aware of at that moment. So after the approval he was forced to accept the decision of no job and no benefits, which he had for all of the years he had been employed. He only had a few weeks in which to have the surgery before losing his Blue cross insurance. Since he did not have workers compensation, he had to pay out of his pocket up front for most of his medical care. Surgery was scheduled for March of 2011.

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