Mobile Symphony’s Trumpet Spectacular

Mobile Symphony's Trumpet Spectacular
Saenger Theater
Mar 10, 2013 --2:00 PM
6 South Joachim St. --- Mobile
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Scott Speck, conductor
Jens Lindemann, trumpet

John Wiliams- Olympic Fanfare and Theme
Haydn- Trumpet Concerto
Mahler- Symphony No. 5

Featuring Jens Lindemann, one of the world’s best trumpet soloists, Trumpet Spectacular will include the beloved concerto for trumpet and orchestra, Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto. Wrapping this concert entirely around the trumpet, the orchestra will also perform Williams’ famous “Olympic Fanfare and Theme”, written for the 1984 Olympics and featuring six separate trumpet parts. Trumpet Spectacular will end on an especially high note with Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 and its spectacular trumpet-solo opening and bold and brassy climax.

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