Muddy Water Watch Training

Muddy Water Watch Training
Jan 22, 2013 --12:00 AM

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Did you know?

Mud and clay running off of construction sites when it rains is a primary source of pollution in Alabama’s rivers. This “stormwater runoff” goes untreated into our rivers and streams and causes serious harm to drinking water quality, wildlife, recreation, and economic activities. Now there is something you can do about it!

Become A Muddy Water Watcher

Muddy Water Watch (MWW) is a statewide education program that uses citizen volunteers to address problems associated with stormwater runoff. The goals of MWW are to create an educated public in the state of Alabama, to foster a grassroots support network for improving water quality, and to reduce the amount of stormwater pollutants that reach Alabama’s waterways.

Become a Muddy Water Watcher and an active monitor of Alabama’s waterways. Help your local Watershed group identify violations to the Clean Water Act. Keep our drinking water clean and improve water quality throughout the state!

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