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Hangout Festival 2011

Scene around the grounds of Hangout Festival 2011
Chillin' to tunes
Hangout Fest 2011
Best Friends Moment
Before the Onslaught
Balloon Man on da beach!
Welcome to Hangout Music Festival
Great way to end the day
What a scene for Mariachi El Bronx
Rating: 1.0
'because the nighttime, is the right time'
Hammock Beach - great place for chillin'
ZEW Festival Preview Before the Gates Open Hangout Fest 2011
Hangout Fest 2011
Front Row!
Everyone so nice and happy at Hangout Fest
Hangout Fest 2011
Sky Bar / Hammock Beach Lounge
Boom Boom Room
SkyView Lounge
Lennon Bus, New Ride in the back
Looks Ready for the big Partay
They were dancin, dancin on the beach
A Tall Cool One
ah, the Sound of Sunshine
Overview Hangout Fest 2011
Prettiest Place for a Fest
Fireworks Friday
Hangout Festival 2011
This guy was loving Xavier Rudd
Afternoon Crowd - Hangout Festival 2011
Fireworks - what a finale!
Hangout Festival 2011