3:30 theme park

Feb 182013
3:30 Theme Park songs February 18, 2013

Three songs, One theme. What is it? Old 97′s ‘New Kid’ Live ‘I Walk the Line’ Beatles ‘Money’ TO SEE ANSWER HOVER with MOUSE  Congrats Beverly S. of Mobile who scores the title of Smartest in Lower Alabama today along with new cd from Family of the year and $20 giftcard to The River Shack [...]

Dec 172012
3:30 Theme Park for December 17 didn't get a winner, can you figure it out?

Wowzers, many close answers, but none right on the bullseye. Think you can figure it out for the prize of a new cd and a giftcard to the Catfish Shack?? The Beatles ‘All Together Now’ Feist ’1, 2, 3, 4′ The Beatles ‘Taxman’ The object to is to guess the common link or thing of [...]

Jan 232012
3:30 Theme Park - What do these 3 have in common? (1/23/2011 edition)

  Answer Surprisingly, no one got the right answer. Do you know? Sponsor: The River Shack Guess the connection of the three songs (could be titles, lyrics, melodies, musician/song trivia, etc). Hover over picture for answer. Robert Palmer ‘Sailing Shoes Medley’ Thomas Dolby ‘I Love You Goodbye’ Elvis Costello/Allen Touissaint ‘Tears, Tears, & More Tears’ [...]