Sep 302010
Musician Notes - Carney Feature in Rolling Stone

ZEW-Kudos Carney frontman, Reeve Carney, who nabs a favorable Rolling Stone feature for his Spiderman/Peter Parker role on Broadway. In the Oct. 14 issue of Rolling Stone. “Hey guys! I’m in this week’s issue of Rolling Stone! Weird! Wow, I’m in Rolling Stone?? Just wanted 2 let u know in case ur interested :)” @reevecarney Twitter [...]

Jul 212010

the multiplicitously talented band Carney is off the road and on the stage, Spiderman on Broadway Rehearsal time. How do I know? Well, this Philly Morning Show guy, Ross Brittain, has a side ‘show prep’ gig: publishing interesting daily news reports for dj’s around the country (he probably earns more at the publishing thing — [...]

Jun 222010
Carney Videos

Sneak Peak of Carney before FREE SHOW Sunday at Alabama Music Box — Videos of Carney performing Sundance Film Festival, Blues & Roots Fest, Offiical video.

Jun 212010

A personal note of thanks to David Matthews of Alabama Music Box for seizing the opportunity of a 92ZEW Free Show with rising stars Carney. Tim and I saw these guys a couple years ago at Bonnaroo, early in the day at a small tent. Everyone there was thoroughly wowed by the electrifying performance of [...]

May 212010
New Zew Artists Carney in NY Times

more than a singer in a band, Carney frontman is a singer on Broadway!! Hear Carney on 92NEW – 8pm. From U2: A Song for Spidey By PATRICK HEALY The rock band Carney on Tuesday unveiled a new song by U2, “Boy Falls from the Sky,” an emo-like mix of ballad and hard, aching energy that [...]