On Location

Oct 292012
Look for the ZEW Krewe and the Sports Dudes of WNSP tonight at the Fair for MediaLympics

Yep, medialympics, where the media folk take each other on, stepping up to the challenge with our best lattes forward tonight. Join us when we experience the rigors of being a champion shooter of ducks in a row, the struggle for that last bite for the fastest elephant ear eater, the agony of da feet in [...]

Sep 242010
Who dat rocker

92ZEW 92zew.net WZEW (zewradio): http://twitpic.com/2rld4a if Tim were a ‘rocker’, I’d get him this Who dat chair at J&J Furniture http://twitter.com/zewradio/status/25442116624 (Sent via Seesmic http://www.seesmic.com)