Paul Simon

Mar 112013
3:30 Theme Park Songs 3/11/2013
  1. Jerry Lee Lewis ‘Great Balls of Fire’
  2. Paul Simon ‘Boy in the Bubble’
  3. Matt Costa ‘Witchcraft’

Congrats Kathryn B. of Mobile, first one in with the right answer today!

Feb 252013
3:30 Theme Park Challenge for Monday, February 25
  1. Simon & Garfunkel ‘the Boxer’
  2. Modest Mouse ‘Float On’
  3. Black Crowes ‘Sting Me’

Kudos Chris Rogers of Loxley who truly earns the title of ‘Smartest in Lower Alabama’ with today’s tricky dickey theme.

Feb 132012
Fresh Hangout Fest Pics

Some most excellent shots just uploaded Hangout Festival 2011. Taken by Lee Ann’s Detroit photographer friend Steve Galli.

Feb 212011
Paul Simon

paul simon’s new album So Beautiful or So What to be released in April, just before his Hangout Festival performance. Listen now to the Afterlife.

Feb 012011
Hangout Music Festival 2011 Official Press Release

Many amenities added to Hangout Festival 2011, including Hammock Beach, SkyBar Tower, a Fifth Stage, in-ground stage-side pool and more. Headliners include Paul Simon, Foo Fighters, Widespread Panic, Black Keys, My Morning Jacket, Flaming Lips, Ween, Matisyahu.