Jan 252013
Watch this Cool Video for Stargazers, UFO Seekers, and Photography Buffs

Here’s a great idea for your snazzy new DSLR camera. Timelapse pics of the nightsky. You might even catch more than stars, planets and meteors, like maybe a ‘UFO’, like the production team of Sunchaser Productions. The team spent the night in Death Valley, with freezing temperatures mind you, to capture the beauty of the [...]

Jan 102013
Security issues found on common web scripts

Standard warnings abound, Oracle Java script and a security flaw found, say some experts. Protect yourself by turning the java scripts off. When surfing online, just go ‘under the hood’ to find the switch. Be warned, some websites may be sluggish without java. Just like a lot of us!

Feb 082011
Employee Fired Over Facebook Comment Settles Lawsuit

Remember, what you say can come back to haunt you. source: The National Labor Relations Board and Dawnmarie Souza agreed yesterday to end a lawsuit over Souza’s firing, which occurred after she made some derogatory remarks about her employers on Facebook. The financial terms of the settlement were not disclosed, but we do know [...]

Jan 202011
Cybercrime is Big Big Business these days

Cybercriminey underground is getting to be big big big business, offering more than just stolen credit card numbers, they use competitive pricing and additional services (I can hear the phone call now “thank you for purchasing our moneyback guaranteed credit card numbers, is there anything else we can do like create a fake online store? [...]

Dec 102010

Stuck on a gift idea? Well howz about an App for the Iphone/pad lover. Plenty to choose from, but here’s the toppers of the year. BTW, just announced new IPAD will have 2 video cameras (do they do trade-ins?). /via shared by: Lee Ann Waterrs