theme songs

May 022013
3:30 Theme Park Songs - May 2

Raconteurs ‘Broken Boy Soldiers’
Dresden Dolls ‘Coin Operated Boy’
Eliot Morris ‘Handmade’
Molly Cameron of Mobile is today’s smartest and quickest with the right answer.

Apr 172013
3:30 Theme Park Challenge, April 18

Props Ronnie Seymore, winner of today’s three song challenge.

  • R.E.M. ‘What’s the Frequency Kenneth’
  • Pearl Jam ‘Jeremy’
  • Mike Doughty ‘Busting Up a Starbucks’
  • Mar 122013
    Three Songs, One Theme, What Is It?

    1. Jack Johnson ‘Gone’
    2. Jim James ‘New Life’
    3. Phillip Phillips ‘Home’
    Kudos Tracey Hill of Midtown Mobile, Smartest in Lower Alabama for today ;-)