Jul 312013
3:30 Theme Park Songs for July 31

Congrats Rick Davis of Grand Bay, smartest in Lower Alabama today. He was first with the right answer of how the three songs are connected.

  1. Black Keys ‘Ten Cent Pistol’
  2. The Clash ‘I Fought the Law’
  3. Warren Zevon ‘Lawyers, Guns & Money’
Feb 252013
3:30 Theme Park Challenge for Monday, February 25
  1. Simon & Garfunkel ‘the Boxer’
  2. Modest Mouse ‘Float On’
  3. Black Crowes ‘Sting Me’

Kudos Chris Rogers of Loxley who truly earns the title of ‘Smartest in Lower Alabama’ with today’s tricky dickey theme.

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Jun 212012
Play 3:30 Theme Park - June 21

Smartest in LA Today: Rick Fiedler, winner of 3:30 theme park.
*** The Pogues ‘Tuesday Morning’
*** Rolling Stones ‘Ruby Tuesday’
*** Mike Doughty ‘Busting up a Starbucks’

Jan 162012
Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes, Trivia & Songs

In honor of MLK Day, here’s some motivating/inspirational quotes and some intriguing trivia (did you know he quit high school? To go to College!!). And here’s the Google Doodle for the day too.

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