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A personal note of thanks to David Matthews of Alabama Music Box for seizing the opportunity of a 92ZEW Free Show with rising stars Carney. Tim and I saw these guys a couple years ago at Bonnaroo, early in the day at a small tent. Everyone there was thoroughly wowed by the electrifying performance of the brothers and their band. A perfect blend of dreamy, modern rock with southern styles that would make Ronnie Van Zant envious.

Now two years later they have a record contract with Interscope (big labels aren’t all bad, there’s still a filtering method where the cream rises to the top, ya know), and they’re selling out shows at legendary LA venues. Their album Mr. Green is almost indescribable. Listened to it at least four times in a row on the ride home from Bonnaroo, each time growing more infectious.  Zeppelinesque riffs, Floydiohead soundscapes, Bukleyish Wainwright vocal ranges, and writing that believe it not resembles a rock and roll broadway musical, if that makes sense. Which it does insofar as frontman Reeves is tapped to star in the multi-million dollar Broadway production of Spiderman, yes, star, as in Peter Parker role.

So seize the opportunity to check out these rising stars in a great Mobile venue. Plus, with every free show you attend, you’re supporting the ZEW’s efforts in bringing them.

So thank you too!

More info on Carney to be posted very soon.

Lee Ann Waterrs,


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